White Sauces . . . you asked for it

I will step right out boldly and share my white sauce ‘secrets’ as requested in the Greek Pizza thread. We use to different non-tomato sauces for different applications. One is a garlic flavored liquid margarine product available commercially. Lots of uses.

What we call “white sauce” starts with a batch-made bechamel sauce using a roux, whole milk and heavy cream (salt to taste). Consistency is sort of a moderate thickness . . . coat spoon and then some. The cream makes it more a supreme sauce, but I digress. To this we add 1/3 cup greated parmesan and 1/2 tsp minced garlic per quart. This is cooled quickly and placed into squeeze bottles for application to pizza.

The cause can keep up to 5 days if handled very carefully. I had one batch go 7 days in a cooler running at 30F.