White Whole Wheat

Has anyone experimented with a white whole wheat crust - like King Arthur offers? It seems like it would appeal to the health conscious and look the same as a regular pie as long as the baking characteristics are similar.



I have not tried this flour, but I may give it a try. I have been experimenting with whole wheat flours for a month or so. Unfortunately, I have not yet found a recipe that I like. The dough usually has that lingering after-taste and doesn’t seem to rise that well.

Maybe this white whole wheat flour will work better.

…because of the after taste and the lack of dough spring, and for whatever else reason, customers in general seem not to like it and choose it,
from my understanding
I tried it too, sounds good, I would not order it again and it seems to be the sentiment among most,

Thanks - that saves me a lot of experimentation time.


Besides having regular dough we also make Wheat Crust Dough. 50/50 it comes out good.