Who advertises weekly?

Who advertises weekly in some form or another? Do you feel it’s necessary to advertise every week, every other week etc… Is it possible to over advertise??? And what percentage of sales do you allocate towards your advertising budget?


The keys to my success have been to constantly get my name out into the public eye. No, there’s no such thing as “overadvertising”… if you do it correctly. It’s a little hard to explain but different forms of advertising attack different demographic groups. I’ve preached this from day one that if you truly want to succeed with advertising: be creative, never become complacent, and always, always make sure you’re doing it.

I’ve just opened a new store. Right now, I budget about 5% of my sales for advertising. This 5% budget includes print, radio, newspaper wrap, database mailing, and doorhangers.

Here’s how my advertising works:

Week 1

Radio spot
Flyers in barracks (I’m a military store)
database mailing

Week 2

Radio spot
newspaper wrap
Flyers in barracks
database mailing
school nights

Week 3

Direct mail
Flyers in barracks
database mailing
school nights

Week 4

Flyers in barracks
database mailing

We doorhang each week, every week… weather permitting.

Radio spot…$250/month
Direct mail…$430/month
Print material…$100/month
School nights…$700/month
newspaper wrap…$230/month
database mailing…$340/month

The best part about the school nights (I donate 20% of my sales to the school those nights) is that they’re donations, or as your accountant would like to say… write-offs. One thing about radio spots (and this is a lesson I learned the hard way), you do NOT need to advertise from 6 am - 6 pm, which is what most stations try to sell you. You can actually tell your radio station you want to be on between the hours of 4 and 7 (<~~ example). This will save you a whole lot of money approaching it from this angle. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

That’s really good information. We’ve found that doorhangers are excellent and really generate the return. I’m looking forward to when we can graduate to your kind of marketing. Since we’ve been in business just over 3 months and still have trouble breaking 4K a week, 5% is a pretty low number ($800/month) and you just can’t do much advertising for that.

For 800 bucks you could get an insert to around 6000 homes every two weeks and enough 1/2 page box toppers to last you a month.

Don’t under estimate what you can do with 800 bucks. Never tire of advertising your product because customers will get tired of trying to find a coupon to order from you.

Hang in there tired, I think it gets better and then you will get the brilliant idea to open a 2nd locations. Arghhhhhh, I’m exhausted and we have only had our second location open 2 weeks. Tell me again what the heck we were thinking. :slight_smile:

sometimes bigger doesn’t mean better. i have 2 locations and tired to hell of the 80+ hours a week. Just can’t do it no more.

What no hope? I was hoping this was just for a season. Yeah right. If I had only known what I know now I would have been more prepared. Isn’t that funny… more prepared, I truly thought I had all the ducks in a row. Yeah right. Ha Ha Ha!!!

So how long has your second location been open? I am happy to hear 80 hours, last 2 weeks dear hubby and I pulled 6 sixteen hour days. Thank God we are closed on Sunday. Week one Sunday we fixed a few things. This past Sunday we crawled in bed and slept ALL day. Haven’t done that since I was a teen. :slight_smile:

But like I keep telling I am glad we are working this much because we are busy rather than worried about how to find customers.

Good luck to ya.

why are u working so much? I know almost all small business owners are dont trust other people enough to run their businesses. But there comes a time you need to take a step back and realize you need to micromanage.

you should really reconsider your day off. From what ive seen with over a decade in the pizza industry, sundays are a busy day and probably would bring in more business than a monday and tuesday combined. If you have caller IDs u should clean them out on a sat night and check them on a monday morning and see how many calls you got.