Who do you email blast to? Everyone on your database?

That’s what my email company advises to buy I’m not convinced. Why would email be the same to a lost customer who haven’t placed order in 3 months and to a customer who is currently ordering At least 2 times a week…
The first one probably needs an incentive like 10 dollars of your next order or 20 dollars or more so that he comes back to being a customer and the second customer (who is our good customer (let’s say I’ll group them as all customers who have ordered in past 7 days and have ordered over 3 times)) they don’t really need a discount (it feels like a loss to me cause they would call and order next week regardless of the 10 dollar order, so basically I’m out of 10 dollars), and they should either not be included into email blasts or there email should contain maybe images of few new items without any discounts or few bucks off new items only. How does everyone email customers?

Use MailChimp. You can divide your customer base into segments and market separately.

My POS that handles all the email marketing send Lazy Customer offers (30/60/90) that are more aggressive as the # of days increase. In addition, we do weekly email offers that hit our entire database. I am not sure if the weekly offers also go to the LC though but if it gets them back in the door I can live with that.