Who do you have your business insurance with? What do you pay monthly?

Starting to try and get a few quotes in Texas. I am wanting to know your insurance stories. Also, can yo roughly tell me what you pay monthly? I’m working on the financial portion of my business plan and need an rough idea of insurance costs. I’ll have under 10 employees and I will serve beer only. Thanks everyone

Will you be delivering?

no sir not to begin with.

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Will you be delivering?

Who are you guys using for Non-owned delivery insurance for your delivery drivers and what do you pay annually?

For non owned auto I am using Berkshire Hathaway. For three locations I pay about 10k total annually in southern california. We do about 50% of our business as delivery.

workers comp for your state will likely throw numbers off as well as # of employees and delivery…we are pushing $800 per month all in

$10K for all 3 locations? Does that include workers comp as well? Thanks!

No. That is just for our non owned auto policy. I am paying a little over 4% for workers comp

I own a pizza place in Wisconsin and my husband is an insurance agent if anyone is looking for info or a quote in Wisconsin let me know. He obviously has a lot of knowledge about the business and can help you with all your needs. Let me know if anyone would like his number.

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Yeah they had a great quote and almost went with them but at the last minute I ended up getting a deal with State Farm for $121/month!

thanks for the clarification Steve, we pay about the same $2900/yr for hired/non-owned (workers comp @ 2% is about $6K and commercial package $3.5K)

Good rates. What state are you in? I am in Southern California