Who does catering?

I REALLY want to start catering, as I have people begging us to. I really think in my area there is more than enough business. Does anyone here cater? If so do you mind sharing your catering menu?

Thanks. :smiley:

what do you mean by catering?
what type of menu do you think you are going need?
need more info…???

Well I have drug reps (legal drug dealers) trying to buy off doctors all the time, they want sandwich platters and stuff like that.

Ahhh love the drug reps. When they order from us they don’t want us to “keep it warm” they just want bulk food…delivered.

All we did was go to the dollar store and buy some aluminum containers with lids and a pack of plates. We keep 20 containers on hand so when they call we are ready. I usually buy servers from dollar store too or walmart has a bag of utensils for about 3 bucks. Cheap enough to give away.

We do things like salads, pans of pasta and bread. We also take our 12" sub and cut into thirds. They can get pans of wings, cheese breadsticks etc.

During the summer they ask for things like veggie trays and fruit trays…I just go to walmart and buy what I need. Still able to make food cost and product is fresh.

Keep it simple.

Great way to increase business without a whole lot of work.

As for real catering…used to do it alot. Got too big for our britches and couldn’t cater a party of 200 on a Friday night cuz our kitchen isn’t big to handle biz and catering. Most catering job won’t have a kitchen. Alot of hassle and just wasn’t worth it…for me.