Who Does Take n' Bake?????

Alright everybody… I am in South Eastern Michigan and am looking for some one who is not in or around my target demographic to visit. I will travel just about anywhere to visit. And am looking to visit someone who does Take n’ Bake in some capacity.

I am
Non Judgmental (don’t care what your store looks like)((this has always been an issue in me showing mine))
Open to share my knowledge (I play an intricate part in a store that has increased sales every year for the last three years)
Open to learn (love to learn)
Young (under 30)
I have no role model (Just Joking) ((well kind of))

The way I learned how to make pizza was by the good graces of some pretty dynamic individuals who where willing to show me how! I am hoping that learning take n’ bake will be similar.

Thanks to all for taking the time to consider this please shoot a response or an email to Twobitalian@gmail.com

Thanks again

Give Canukfanlady a shout she is in British Columbia, Canada. I have not been to her store but I have been to the area and it is a nice place to visit.