Who Does Your Door Hanging & How Often?

I usually have my employees do the door hanging 5 days a week (around 2500/day) and I try to accompany whenever I can. In the past I have used kids to door hang, but have found them to be very unreliable.

So, who does your door hanging and how often do you do it per week?


I am pushing 1,000-2,500 a day every day. It is about the only way to generate new customers in my market.

Even at that rate though I am only pulling a .65% return over 1 week. I am sure that people are keeping my menus and ordering later, but it gets harder to track after that first 7 days.

We shoot for 40 hours of effective doorhanging a week.

Drivers do 4 hours of doorhanging and 2 hours of business visits.
Managers do 8 hours of doorhanging and 4 hours of business visits.

By effective I mean having someone there with the people doorhanging to ensure that it’s actually getting done and that they are put on doors that people actually use.

It’s a pet peeve of mine when one of my guys puts a doorhanger on a door that is clearly not used. Ex: cobwebs, old phone book, or newspapers not picked up, no clear path to work, etc.