who else grinds their own sausage?

I’ve been using 5 oz of the cooked sausage, in approximately thumb sized pieces, on our large 15". The same amount I use in pepperoni. When we took over, one of the main complaints we heard were about the skimping of toppings of the previous owners as well as the competition. I built my recipes to be liberal with toppings and priced accordingly.

I just starting using the fresh sausage. I’ve been focusing on the quality part of it, now I need to factor in the weight lost when cooking so I can cost it.

Easy. take 1 pound of raw sausage, cook it as usual, drain, and weigh it when cooled, see what you got and determine what percentage is lost. If you need help doing the math, give me a holler and i’d be glad to help
My guess is that you are seeing near a 75% yield
But. that also depends on if liquid is added when being ground or mixed, that will evaporate or drain off and give you a lower yield.

Yeah, it should be easy to do since I buy it in bulk, 5lbs at a time. In a couple days when I cook up the next batch, I’ll just weigh it in the Cambro after it’s been cooked and drained. Judging by the amount of fat left in the pan, I think your 75% should be about right.

Made a batch tonight. You were very close. Got 3.8lbs out of 5lbs. I failed calculus, but I think that’s 76% yield.

Almost dead nuts right on. You started with 80 ounces, ended up with 60.8
So now you can look at your raw cost, your yield, and figure your actual cost per ounce.

Yep, I pay $2.92/lb for bulk italian fennel sausage in Cali. I used to grind sausage and wanted to do it at my pizza place but just don’t have the time with my other restaurant and also building another while my wife is 8 months pregnant. Some day I hope to have enough time to make my pizza place even more better and increase the quality across the board.

Its a fairly quick operation from getting raw pork in, to having sausage ready to go. I’ve got my guys doing it solo now for grinding and mixing once I switched over to picnic trim, I do not need to worry about them boning out shoulders anymore, and I get a 100% yield now too.
I measure all the spices, I do not know if it is a trust issue or me not wanting my formula getting out