Who has a Pizza place kit?

Has anyone ordered any of the “How to run a Pizza Restaurant” manuals, business plans or anything that helps them set up their shop?

I was a manager in a pizza shop in college but that was so long ago and there have been so many advances to running and opening a restaurant. I am really thinking about buying a “kit” but usually those kinds of things are scams. There really aren’t any “copies” on any torrent sites or any other place I usually download stuff, so I can’t even download any of them and see if they are worth the money.

I have been spending months here reading all the posts especially getting my dough and recipes perfected, but there is so much information here and since I haven’t quit my “real” job yet I am running out of time for planning.

I am also doing this in China where it is a different beast even finding quality ingredients and Pizza shop equipment… If anyone has ordered a kit and could let me take a look at it or if anyone has any manuals they used to help get them started it would really help me out.

I know if you were to help me you would need a lot more details about the type of restaurant I am opening and about the equipment and menu I plan to have but for now I just wonder if there is anything put together that I can use as a template to start my business. ((and no I don’t want to buy a franchise…)) I am willing to put my own work into it and actually I have done quite a lot already, I am just not sure if I have missed anything or if there are any gotchas I need to look out for…

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

I’ve always recommend The Restaurant Book by James Rudnick, Richard Ware as a good one to cover all the general things involved in opening a restaurant - especially the financial stuff. I’m sure some of the examples they use are a bit dated, but the meat & potatoes of operating a food business haven’t changed that much… and you can get a copy on Ebay for less than it will cost to have it shipped (and less than those “manuals”).

You’re always welcome to ask specific questions in this forum. We’ll give you at least a dozen options/opinions on pretty much anything and everything.

I purchased or read several books in the years leading up to our deciding to proceed with our place. One that I would recommend as useful was “How To Open a Financially Successful Pizza & Sub Restaurant” by Shri L. Henkel & Douglas R. Brown. As I recall it was straightfoward in it’s layout, gave a reasonable timeline, cost analysis etc. and I know it included a CD Rom full of charts and data that I reviewed.