Who has an Email/Fax Marketing Campaign?

Hi Guys,

Who has an email marketing campaign, I would love to sign up and see what kind of marketing is going out.

We need tons of help in this area, any help with which companies to use and what type of email’s are the most effective.

Thanks for the help!!!


I recommend looking at Campaigner: http://www.campaigner.com/. I no longer use it or any email marketing tool, but it was the best tool I evaluated and it was the most affordable. I believe they still offer a free evaluation period, so no harm in checking it out.

For $25 a month, you get a decent allowance for total recipients (one we never came close to reaching). You can use their templates or upload your own html campaign, and either option is pretty straight forward. I had originally tried to manage the email campaigns without a tool, but keeping up with mailing list removal requests was tedious. Your email recipients can remove themselves from your list, which in itself is easily worth the $25 a month. I believe they also have a “pay as you go” plan, which might be a better choice if you don’t plan on sending out a message each month.

For another $5 a month, you can allow users to add themselves to your mailing list. You do this via a “join our mailing list” link on your website. From their dashboard, you can see who opened, deleted, or forwarded the email, as well as see which links were clicked on and who asked to be removed from the list. Overall a pretty nice tool, easy to use, and professional looking results.

We sent emails to customers only (never bought a list), and got their okay by offering a drawing for a free dinner. We stated that all winners would be notified via email and that by playing they would be added to a mailing list they could remove themselves from at anytime. We got a mixed response to our emails. Some customers thanked us for the email updates, others griped out being “spammed”, and the rest remain a mystery. I didn’t feel there was a big enough return on the time spent on these campaigns, and had to give it up for other priorities.

Our emails included things like updates on menu additions, things we were doing in the community or recognition we had received, upcoming events, etc. One thing we never did was offer a coupon, which I imagine would be a much bigger hit, especially for those who griped about receiving the message. If and when I take this effort up again, I would use Campaigner and most likely include a special or coupon to create a better sense of value to the customer.

Good luck!

I have found a free way to advertise via email. Facebook! When i post something on my business site it goes out to all my fans via email or onto their facebook page. I created a page 12 days ago and I already have 903 fans as of now. These fans see everything that you post on your “wall”. What I did was create a coupon on my computer and saved it as a picture. The coupon can be printed out and used at the pizza shop.
Today i posted a picture of our stromboli and said “Its pizza night! Stop in and get some pizza and strombolis.” I just finished working and we had already sold 210 strombolis. Not a record but it was an increase. So it works. You can check my facebook page by searching Claysburg Pizza page.
I am just putting this out there as a free alternative to paying someone to fax or email for you. Its easy, fast, and free. We also have seen a big boost in our online ordering this past week.

Facebook and Twitter are bigger than big. If you don’t have a Facebook page linked in with your website I really think you’re missing a huge opportunity!

We’re weeks away from our opening (FINALLY!) and are busy with building our website AND have already started collecting Facebook “friends”. We’re planning to launch our FB page and use it to “blog” about our build-out and progess…we’ve already got a huge buzz going just by word of mouth. One of the benefits of a small tight community(and curse sometimes as well).

The goal is to use Facebook to build a brand loyalty, weeks before there even IS a brand so to speak.

I use rfg for my faxes great guys and easy,
http://www.rfgmarketing.com/content/ind … 5&Itemid=9
I do constant contact every thursday night
and follow it up with the same email on saturday incase they forgot, I use face book very differenly I use it to stay infront of my base I put things on there about whats going on in community and its also a great way to say thanks for ordering …ie
Dunder Mifflin inc. just ordered 5 pizzas for there Dundy’s Party thanks guys
good luck

RFG marketing. The are exactly what your looking for. Unlimited emails…faxing… online ordering…Their package of what you get for $99/month is ridiculous. Go to the link Rockstar gave you. When you talk to Andy hell send you everything you need to get started. Any other questions just ask. Ask him to see Pakula’s menu. I love what he did for us.

Thanks Guys/Gals

That is all very helpful,

Would any of you let me sign up for your email marketing to see what kind of emails are sent out?

Thanks tons

Sign up for my specials @ pakulas.com. you can also receive a fax if you would like.

Well, try to search in online by using some search engine like google. I think you can found some info that you can use in your problem. However try to some online social networking like facebook and twitter.

Go straight to email. Fax is on the way out.

Check out www.mailchimp.com

You can do the kind of email campaign you are talking about for FREE. If you build your list up to a large size (1000’s) and are sending tons of emails you can buy email in bulk but many small businesses will never need to buy any as the free program is pretty generous.

You can also share your MailChimp emails on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites automatically – and the Google Analytics-integrated reporting is great.