Who has decent pizza in OKC?

Just drove from Texas to Kansas and heading back. Will probably spend the night in Oklahoma City. Who has good pizza there?

There’s FATBOY in Comanche OK

By the way Charles do you know anything about Texas Jai Alai?
I heard it was going to open up near you

thanks Jack Charles i am 90 miles SW of OKC and Only about an hour out of the way if you are heading back to Mansfield would love to see you



Fat Boy, I wish I could take you up on it. I drove 10 hours today and have almost 4 to go tomorrow… then I have to go deliver pies. My wife wants to take a trip up here sometime. OKC has lots of museums and the zoo is supposed to be pretty good. We will definitely make the detour then to enjoy your pizza.

Well, “near me” is about 50 miles away through nasty Dallas traffic. :smiley: I have not much heard about it. It would be pretty cool. Crazy sport.

I was recently in OKC and tried Hideway Pizza. I really enjoyed the pizza and my wife said the pasta was pretty good. www.hidewaypizza.com