Who has made the switch from stone deck to conveyor?

We current have 4 Marsal Deck ovens (ea holds 6 16inch pies) and we’re having a hard time meeting demand. We increase the wait times on the weekends, but sometimes the pizzas aren’t their best because the stones just lose too much heat.

I’m looking for a conveyor oven that can bake a hard bottom to supplement our deck ovens. I tested one brand with the Lloyd disks and wasn’t impressed. The pizza looked good on the bottom but it was still the typical floppy pie I expect from an impingement oven.

Has anyone here made the switch and can still get a nice hard bottom? If so, which brand ovens do you use?

Does anyone have any other solutions to meet demand? We don’t have enough space for another double stack deck ovens. I’ve seen triple stacks. We can fit a conveyor oven in our commissary but a deck would be a bit more complicated.

I had a talk with @Tom_Lehmann when I was looking for new ovens. I was told at the time that I could put the names of the top 3 into a hat and be happy with any one I drew. The key is to get the oven tuned to YOUR pizza. You should be able to get a great bake consistently once you find the sweet spot.

Daddio is “spot-on”.
When you were testing the Lloyds disks which one were you using? How were the fingers profiled on the top and bottom? What was the baking time and temperature? Did you have any milk, sugar or eggs in your dough formula to contribute to the browning reaction?
These are all important things to know when going from a deck to an air impingement oven.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Please take a look at the Italforni Stone Conveyor oven. We have a bricklined version which is basically a deck oven conveyorized. Same burner system as a Marsal. More details here:

So i am new to all of this… I have a food trailer. I’m running at Lincoln 2501 CTI. We cook on screens… It gives us that nice hard bottom and depending on how much cheese and toppings it holds it’s own. But we are also having a problem with demand i can only cook 1 16in pizza every 5:30