who has steak for pizzas and subs?

What do you use. I see alot of places say they use ribeye. It seems like it would be expensive.

We use the SteakEze breakaway ‘pucks’ for most of our sliced beef needs. Thin ribeye would be great, but I don’t have the slicer or volume to demand it yet.

Thats what we use and it works well.

We use the Needham breakaway patties, and they ROCK!!

We use the flat steak-um, kind of steaks. Perfect for panini subs, strombolis or to tear up and throw on our Philly Steak pizza.

Highest quality shaved with the next step down blended. We prepped four cases a day, two of each by cutting at a half thawed state, measuring out at 7 and 9 ounces and wrapping. We stored it in the sub station below in large pans with grates. Keep four in the walk-in thawing for backup.


Hello Steve, we just won Best of Philly for our Hoagies and Stks. we use rib eye stk slice thinly and our Hoagies are unbelievable this is what seperates us from all the other ‘pizza’ shops.Customers can go to 20-25 pizza joints in the area but only one actually makes great Hoagies and Stks as well as pizza.Most pizza joints focus so hard on pizzas they forget not everyone wants just pizza.So what I did was the opposite I focused on hoagies,stks and my fresh wings and then the pizza last.And my menu even has the pizza part of it last instead of first.Many people thought I was crazy for doing so but I was laughing all the way to the bank within 2-3 months of opening.