who has used cfm concepts through grande cheese?

Had the grande sales rep sit down with me about the cfm concepts menu design. They do have some impressive layouts, quality paper and photos.

Who has used this? If so, would you say it was worth it? or would of you went another route knowing what you know now?

I checked it out and went another route, so cannot say…
I think cfm does good stuff, they are large enough to need to sell more volume,
their price per piece is fair, just had to buy 25,000 and I am in a town of 2,500.

The Grande connection seemed to me to be just air…first purchae is the same price for anyone who uses them, they have some “coupons” with Grande’s name on it for some discounts at certain purchase levels, looked like a quanity discount they would give to anyone. Looks like Grande is just promoting them.
I am dealing with a local. Price per piece more but can buy less quanity, so lower net, and they work with me, proofs, edits, ideas, suggestions, etc.
…CFM sent me an e-mail order form and wanted my credit card #, therefor looked elsewhere
there main selling proposition seems to be price, that’s down the list of things I look for,
they may be good for you, I’d reccomend some comparative shopping,
hope that helps

I just recieved 25,000 menu’s from cfm and they did a great job, I could of not been happier. I can attest that having a professional do my menu’s has nearly doubled my buissnes in two months. I’m a pizzapartner with KK and got 4.5 cent a copy. They really work for me! :lol: Well worth the money

What was the mailing cost?

glad your menu’s turned out good,

Kamron came through for you, that was less than the Grande offer,
that looks like the better route


Mailing cost for shipping was included in the price and to mail them out to customers was .26 cents.

Otis— you said price was down on your list of priorities, but you mentioned price as your driver in the reply.

I didnt use them with Grande I went through KK as well. The comments I got from customers was excellent. They did a great job. I had KK arrange for the mailings next time I would do it myself. They were not a very good mailhose to use (I dont know who KK used) It took forever to get them to confirm the areas I was mailing to. I can do a mail out for about 350.00 less then what they were charging, yes it saved me some work but I could have arranged all the mailing in about an hour so it would have been worth the time for me

I am using them and I gotta say my customers really like their work. I use the same theme for everything. Kind of brands me and gives a nice polished professional look. Wouldn’t use anyone else.

We have used both CFM and MPP. Both companies do beautiful work. I won’t be using either one of them again though. I just can’t go through enough menus in my market to catch a decent price point. I had to throw out a bunch of our old menus when we got our last batch in about a year ago, and now with COGs climbing higher and higher I going to have to do smaller and smaller runs to keep menu prices current.
Which means I’ll be throwing out a large number of these menus too. Ugh!

I’m working really hard to move everything electronic. Online ordering, menu online, etc. I have insertable menu covers for the dining room with a very nice looking word template that I bought from the menu maker or something like that. I get lots of compliments on my new dine-in menu.

As we plan to offer seasonal and limited time offers, we are considering digital menu displays in the restaurant. For marketing, we will be doing targeted rather than broad distribution of mailings. We want to track each offer for each customer to measure the effectiveness. For community awareness of our store, we will be doing stuff like sponsoring local sports teams, working with schools, raising money for local causes, etc. CFM looks good though. I will check them out.

I am going to use them, they all look great! I just need to finalize my menu…25,000 is sooo much. With my luck I would get them and then decide to add something or take it away.

I am however using their box top sticker and their nice glossy paper for my toppers. They look real proffesinol.

They have one that says “Taste the passion” and there is a picture of a pie that looks IDENTICAL to my sausage pizza. It’s so ironic since the garlic butter sauce I make to apply to my crust before and after cooking was nicknamed The Passion…hence my screen name.

It’s so known around here people say “Can I get a side of passion with that?” Meaning some garlic butter on the side.