Who has web presence???

Do you have a web site???

80% have a web site so far. Around me, roughly 20% have a site.

Does your major competition have sites?

I do. We should be offering online ordering by the end of March.

Of course all the big boys have one too.

yes we have a web site www.freschottpizza.com … i make sure it is in all my printed material and any radio ads we do. it is also where my customers get coupons…my boxtoppers are just menus now referring them to the website for coupons and it works pretty well for me.

we tried on-line ordering a long time ago and it was a nightmare of problems, around here i think it is only a novelty as most people still want to call and talk to someone so they know their order is really coming.

I don’t have one yet. How should I go about it ; professional designer and host or something like godaddy.com? How much does a website cost? I know if varies, but what should I expect to be paying and is it going to bring in enough sales to justify the cost?

we had a customer ask if he can do it for us…i paid $100 for a template and he made some changes for a some pies and the hosting costs approx $10 per year and a small charge for the domain name…definitely worth it for people who want a menu faxed or dont have one you can tell them it is online
I will be adding more but it has the basics
i would not pay more than $20 per month for a basic site