Who is going to help produce the next great pizza sauce?

I have the best sausce you never tasted!
This stuff is so economical, and good that as soon as it gets out, everybody will be using it. It’s going to open a whole new realm of flavors that have yet to be discovered, like the pesto revolution, only better. It’s amazing that it’s not on the market yet-- like discovering velcro.

The only way anyone is going to become rich is if they get it into production before the bonanza hits, because it’s so easy to duplicate.

I’ve looked into a few co-packers and I think I could get my own label without too much difficulty. The raw ingredients are readily available yearlong.

What I want for Christmas is someone to go in financially and help me to get this on the market before the next competition.

I would settle for some advice. If you could lead me in the right direction?
I apologise if this forum is the wrong place for this sort of appeal.