Who is ready for New Years?

This is one of our best weeks of the year. We are staffed up and ready. Are you busy or slow? Does New Years landing on the weekend change anything?

Xmass week is slow for us, New Years is almost a regular week. But it all depends on what day they fall. This year, i expect New Years Eve to be busy until closing (we are closed on New Years Day).

For 18 years the best 7 day run of the year has begun on Dec 26. I do not expect that this year will be any different.

Having the Holiday fall on a Sunday is bad for our business. It means that the weeks before and after the holiday week are slower as so many school districts do not let the kids out until just before Christmas or go back right after new years. Holiday traffic in our resort town is heavily impacted by family traffic and family travel plans are determined by the school districts…


Here’s one of our stores schedules. We are betting the farm on this one. We need need to do 70k to make payroll budget. If you build it they will come.

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If we really kill it we do 30K this week. 25K is more likely. As you can see, the three managers are working 7 days. We learned a long time ago that we do better paying overtime this week than attempting to hire and train people we do not need for the rest of the season.

If we have solid experienced crew we can do a 4K night with 3/phones, 5/kitchen, 6/drivers.

Oddly, more people don’t really help. That many crew can take the orders, max out the ovens (100-120 pies per hour) and get them delivered. We rarely hit that pie count. 60-70 is a more typical rate. Having a ticket average close to $40 at this time of year helps a lot!

I agree with the overtime theory. I feel a good person at time and a half can get more done than 2 new people. My wife disagrees and she wins, so we have very little overtime.

I do like the everyone till close schedule.

We schedule them that way but we start kicking them out around 7:30 when the rush eases off. Mainly we go first in first off but if the person due to be let off wants hours there is always someone who wants to go home. Even when we have 11-12 people on the shift we are down to maybe 5 by 8:30.

not a good week for this area of the country, and Halloween sucks too, unlike the rest of you guys.

This is our first year in Reno (Jan 6th the 1 year anniversary). Last week was almost double normal and this week is shaping up to be the same. Or maybe we are just getting more popular :)?? Walter

We’ve had the same experience this week at our newer location as well. Literally double each night of usual. Hope it continues for both of us!

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It’s been an amazing week so far.

I’m not sure I’m ready for it but if the rest of this week is any indication, we will be rocking. It looks like we may be heading for our first ever $40K week.

Too bad it cant be like this all the time. With our cost structure out in California I have found that 30K a week is the magic number. Everything falls into place payroll wise. There are no down times and fixed expenses become such a small percentage that they don’t even matter any more.

let me walk me previous statement back a little, we got slammed last night!
I expect the next 2 nights to be even more insane.

My week after Christmas sucked last year until New Years Eve but we’ve had crazy days all week this year. I was out of town for Monday and Tuesday expecting them to be slow but I was very wrong.

Same… Last year wasn’t anywhere near as good. Interesting to see that it’s almost across the nation. I wonder why? Gotta love this business.

We’ve been crazy busy all week until last night. Assuming it just came earlier this week due to people taking vacation days before the end of the year.

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I am sitting at home and checking in on the live camera from time to time to see how things are going. very relaxing.

I have 18 years history tracking daily sales… Sunday holiday is the worst for us. It compresses the holiday period down to just one week and the numbers are just not as good. (Still the best week of the year though)

Last night was our first night over 4K for the week. Two years ago every night all week was over 4K and one was 5.3K which gave us a record 30K+ week. (Now that we only have the one location)

This is the third time we have had a Sunday holiday and in both of the previous years the 30th & 31st were the best days of the 7 day run.

awesome week until last night @ 8pm it just died…today was a letdown but killer week overall…Happy New Year!

We are a bit slower than I thought we would be for nye. But busier for the week to date.

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