who knows how to display gelato ?

I’m interested in offering gelato to my quests my ? is where do I get a gelato display case? how to temper the gelato ? do I need a seperate frezzer to keep the back up tubs ? I have found CIAO BELLA gelato and I know that is the one brand that i’m going to go with. Is there anything that I should know before doing the gelato and the sorbeto ? thanks for your input. :lol:

Tony - Google for “PreGel USA” and on their website, select the link for Professional Education. They offer free classes that I understand covers just about everything to do with gelato production.

Carpigiani also has classes, but I could got a return my inquiry calls concerning them so I don’t know how much they cost.

You can check out ebay to get an idea on what (mostly used) gelato production/service equipment goes for.


I know last year US FOOD has some sort of gelato program for their customers with a nice looking case