Who Let's People Bring In Their Own Drinks?

Why do I keep having to explain to people that they can’t bring in their own drinks? I do this at least a couple times a week and they just seem baffled when I tell them. They’re usually college age kids, but I still don’t understand why they think they can do that here (I have a pretty nice dining room). I know they wouldn’t try it at a fast food restaurant or an Applebees.

Am I the only one that has this problem?

While its not a big problem, it does exist. WE HAVE A NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED! However, if someone strolls in with a mixed drink, I’m usually tolerant - but no beer or other beverage! And ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD!

We have the same problem!!! Very frustrating, and even worse are the people that get a water cup and then proceed to fill it with soda!!! :evil:

I know it’s disrespectful and you want to throw their butts out the door but if it is only a couple times a week I would let it go until it becomes a larger issue. You say they are college kids so even though they are breaking the rules…they are coming back. They are telling friends you have good pizza. You are making money off of them and I do not know you system of serving, but do you have servers? Just have them at the end of the meal say “hey, by the way, the owner really does not like outside food or beverage brought in, it’s a health dept. thing” Takes the heat off of you a little and hopefully opens their eyes a little. It’s better than saying “you are not buying my highest profit margin item!” lol. I would like to comment about bringing in the mixed drink. I know this is a stretch but I want to play extreme worse case senario here. What happens if that customer starts a fight in you restaurant? Police show up and find him drinking on your property without the proper license or insurance for serving hard alcohol? You only have a beer and wine permit and dram shop to match. Lets go further… he leaves and kills someone in a car accident pulling out of your parking lot. Witnesses saw him drinking in your shop… your server bringing him/her coke to go with his little flask of rum that he was mixing at the table. These are all extreme and how often does someone bring hard alcohol into a restaurant…but all possible and why the “NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGE ALLOWED” sign is there. Health safety and just knowing 100% what products are being consumed within your doors is very important. Ok, now I have contridicted myself to such an extreme I am laughing… I would still use the health dept. line and roll with it. :?

Nice roll with that Mike, but to clarify, mixed drink already in hand… usually I don’t care, thats after determing that the individual isn’t drunk, and only that I don’t offer that. NO, we do not allow outside alcohol containers on the property - license issues. Not a big issue at all. As for other foods or beverages, strictly no-no. Since the only water we offer is bottled, thats a non-issue.

Not to confuse…I was just saying more in general than to your situation. Alcohol can get really tricky if there is ever an incident that somehow comes back to your establishment and you are not insured correctly. I saw that you said a mixed drink coming in… this is just one of those situations where you want to slap people and say… open your eyes and don’t act so stupid. You are going out to eat & drink not one or the other. Don’t be so cheap! Ok…if it’s a baby bottle…let it slide. Now saying that and getting the customer to stay and come back? I guess the slap probably would not be the best approach? :roll:

We all have unique challenges to the people and environment around us. In general we don’t say anything unless its extreme. At our store people like to bring their lunch from other places and sit on our outside seating. Or someone may buy one slice of pizza and then take up a table with five of their friends with food from somewhere else. We don’t allow these circumstances and it does get worse if we allow it.

I have kids who are very picky eaters. Many times when we go out to eat we will pick them up something they will eat and then dine where my wife and I like. Happens at my place too and I think this is understandable.

From my experience at another location that is right next to a school the situation constantly has to be monitored. If you are not allowing it now and they still do it, imagine how bad it would be otherwise. Others will pick up on it and do the same. I would definitely go with pizza2007 and get a sign up. People are a lot less baffled with a sign “clearly” in place.

A lot of it depends on where you’re at. In some areas, this is somewhat “normal”. It’s rude, but sometimes, people just weren’t raised well. My mother-in-law will order tea, drink out of a dine-in glass, and then ask for a to-go cup. Around here, the restaurants will often ask you if you want a drink for the road. It’s all about local customs sometimes.

Boy I’m with Mike here…I would be real quick to stop the “mixed drink” carriers. I’d bet a quick call to your insurance carrier would make that point very very clear. Lawsuits over ANY kind of drinking at your place will include your name, whether you served a drink or not.