Who makes Gift Cards that work with my POS?

I’m trying to find a company that makes the real nice and fancy gift cards (like what Chili’s, Olive Garden, ect… have).

I’ve heard of regular Credit Card companies offering them if you go with their Credit Card system… which would be fine because the contract with my C.C. company is up.

I’ve heard of some costing anywhere from $.14 to $1.25 per card… the $.14 would be better :lol:

Thanks for the info all!

P.S. I’ve already talked with my POS provided and they say that any of those Gift Cards will work with the system.

Just about any supplier of gift cards should be able to do this. Search Google for “gift card printing.” The list of companies is huge!

If you tell us the name of the POS system you use there is a good chance that someone here could recommend a supplier.

I’ve been told that Mercury Payment Systems offers a gift card service basically for free for those processing through them. The cards lack imprinted numbers and as such are not very usable for a primarily delivery operation so I haven’t looked at the details/specifics of their program… but they might be a place to start looking.

excellent, thanks guys…

I use DiamondTouch pos the crowd falls silent :oops:

I do not think there will be an issue whether or not a particular gift card will work with your POS system…For the most part the gift cards are pretty generic…But gift cards are usually processed through your credit card terminal and what may be an issue is whether or not your POS system can support the gift card function at all…

We have a Gift Card program. Probably won’t work with your POS though. We provide ALL the accounting, card holders can check their balance online or call an 800 number.

The Great thing about gift cards is, on average, a card holder will spend 35% more than is on the card and, conversely, the ones that don’t redeem them that is like Free Money. The last fact, known as “Breakage” will probably cover the cost of the program. In essence it becomes a Free Marketing campaign.

Gift Cards are Great for those of you around a College or HS Campus. Mom and Dad can put money on the Card for little Johnny/Janey to eat.

If you don’t mind swiping your gift cards through a separate terminal (the gift card company will sell or rent you one), you can go with just about any gift card provider. As long as your POS lets you add a “Gift Card” tender/payment type, you’re good to go.

But if you process credit cards directly through your POS (without a separate terminal) and want to handle gift cards the same way, then you will need to find out which specific gift card processors your POS integrates with. I would suggest that you call the POS company and ask the question again.

Although they’re probably not the cheapest, I’ve heard good things from customers about Givex, and I’ve also talked to some who opted to go with Valutec or ValueLink. The free gift card processing through Mercury sounds like a deal, but since it requires that you switch over your credit card processing too, make sure their cc rates are worth the switch before you decide.

Thanks everyone,
I contacted Valutec and am currently talking with them… was trying to get a hold of Mercury but no one wants to talk so i’m not to sure about them.

RBSLynkman, I shot you an e-mail asking for your rates and a bit more info…

seems that Diamond Touch uses PC Charge to work with the C.C. companies, which seems to be the most common software in the industry, no?

I have not received the e-mail as of yet. Please Send it again.

I like PCCharge. I have numerous customers using it as the Module in their software and not one of them have ever complained. If you use PCCharge via the Internet the transaction time is about 1 second, extremely fast.

I will have to verify whether our Gift Card program is compatible with PCCharge.

You can get some preliminary info on our Gift Card Program at:

Yes it is very fast, and i’ve never had a problem with it…

just e-mailed you again, with a subject of “PMQ FORUM”


I don’t know if it is my email program or yours but I have not received anything. I apologize if it is mine.

Try this email address:



I didn’t see any pricing. Can you fill us in on the cost.


just sent another to your new address… check your spam mail as well, i was told that I show up as spam for some reason.

I typically tie my pricing for Gift Cards into a Bundle when I do an analysis of your Credit Card Processing.

But from a General Standpoint, just for you, I will list here.

Basic Cards Minimum Order 100 $1.25/card
Image Cards Minimum Order 100 $1.25/Card
Custom Cards Minimum Order 500 $1.25/Card

Activation 1%
Cost per Trans 5 cents

We handle ALL the Accounting and IF a Franchise, with Different Owners, will handle all Transfers between accounts.

Typically the savings I can offer you on your Credit Card Processing will pay for the Gift Card Program.

It’s a Win Win situation, you save money in fees and Increase your Business with a Gift Card Marketing Program.

Why would the crowd fall silent? There are plenty of DiamondTouch users 'round here. If you have a sample of the gift cards you need with DiamondTouch you should be able to have them manufactured almost anywhere. They should cost you $1.25 to $1.50 to have them printed and you should be able to use them with your current gift card processor.