Who makes the best delivery bags?

Who makes the best delivery bags out there?

Bag solutions makes a decent servicable bag. Maybe not the best, but a great price for a good product with top notch service.

I have a few bags from Bag Solutions that are nearly 7 years old and going strong. I live where the temperature at times dips below -40* and the bags do a good job of keeping things hot.

I ordered four of the Standard Pizza Jacket on Saturday, based upon input on this thread. They arrived today, look great, the insulation appears more substantial than our current bags. Can’t wait for tonight to see how they perform. The only problem is they make my old bags really look worse.


We also get ours from Bag Solutions…affordable enough and definately durable enough.

Been using them for probably 15 of the 17 years we have been in business. :mrgreen: