Who offers free wi=fi ?

Just wondering comcast came in today trying to get us to switch phone companies
from at&t to them and they are offerring wi fi. Does anyone offer wifi and if you do are people abusing it? Example being customers coming in getting a glass of pop taking up space in a booth or table and just surfing the net not really ordering anything else, also does anyone have comcast phone service at their pizzeria and are you happy with it. Thanks Tony

Kind of throwing out the baby with the bath water isn’t it? I had wifi in my shops and it was definitely something my customers really appreciated. Mac and Starbucks have clearly put resources into researching wifi in stores and they have it.

For me, with a full bar, the opposite is more often true - I have work-at-home guys who hang out at my bar and eat and drink for hours during my non-peak bar hours. It’s a definite positive for us…

My brother-in-law actually just switched to comcast business about a month or so ago and he is saving over 100 bucks per month by using them for cable, internet and phone. We do offer FREE WIFI and overall has been pretty good. Once in a while you get a person that spends 5 bucks and sits there for hours LOL… overalll has been good tho.

We’ve had free wifi for about 9 years now, it has been good for business. We went free back when everyone was charging for it as it really didn’t cost us anything after the setup, and I figured it would be free everywhere after a bit anyway.

Add us to the Free Wi-Fi crowd. We’ve successfully used it to entice some local businesses to use us for a lunch meeting where the ability to access their iPads/laptops is a plus. We’ll get the occasional person sitting at a table killing time but it’s a win win for us. Usually those folks are “off hours” and when they feel comfortable here…they come back for dinner etc.

I think wi-fi would be good but steer clear of Comcast!!! My phones had no service 3 times and one of them was during college bowl games for 10 hours!!! WE lost one of the busiest days of the year and all I got was sorry about that? To top it off when we switched back to ATT they tried to tell me That I owed them for the full amount of a contract I didn’t even sign. Run away!!

Agree - I’m under contract with them for a few more months, then am going to switch back to Qwest as quick as I can. Will still have free WiFi, but won’t have a phone company that thinks it’s no big deal for me to have no service from 4-7 on a Friday night!!!

The monopoly company here left me out of service a whole weekend. They said one business out of service is not an outage. Fortunately my advertised number is a cell forwarded to the landlines. Now that there is competition the monopoly company will never get another penny of my money.

The sad part of this story is I worked for them for 14 years.

We offer and is great, students and more as far as comcast we did a little research and asked questions here! we use ATT

I don’t think providing Wi-Fi would be of any help. If you are planning to attract people for Wi-Fi, then they would order some meager amount of food item and hold the booth as long as they want. Without WI-Fi only those who wish to savor the taste of pizza would come and nobody shall get to hold the booth for long.

Really? Go back to 1973 marie.

That’s what I like, constructive disagreement. :evil: Bottom line: If you have lots of unused seating, wi-fi would not hurt, and might even help. If you are usually busy, and space is scarce, then you would be a fool to offer wi-fi.

Seriously? You are throwing out the baby with the bath water when you do that.

We have had it for awhile now and it’s not been a great addition, but for virtually no extra work, it’s been worth it. Really, the only time people use it for a very long time is during off peak hours. I think most people would be uncomfortable trying to do that sort of work in a busy restaurant.

I’d say a majority of the users are teenagers wanting to use it for their phones so they don’t have to talk to their families during dinner.

Received this e-mail the other day and it reminded me of this post:

http://www.bizjournals.com/denver/blog/ … iracy.html

I thought this was interesting, and relevant to this topic.


Local coffee shops here have never made use feel unwelcome if we want to spend an hour or two doing work or discussing a project.