Who’s using conveyor ovens in New York

I’m from the UK.

Planning on opening a new pizza site this summer.

I’ve been in the fish & chip industry for nearly 20 years (I’m 35 this year) and have never had multiple stores.

I want to be able to scale to multiple sites so it has to be conveyor ovens (for multiple reasons, but skill involved, consistency, labour costs are all factors).

I’ve played about in a friends shop using the Lloyd pans hearth disks and has some interesting results (still plenty of work to do, but promising so far)

Is there anywhere in New York or near New York knocking out good NY style pizza who would mind me visiting and seeing your set up? I’m heading out in March , and will be visiting EXPO in Vegas after.

I grew up in New Jersey and the NYC metro area pizza world. I never saw a conveyor oven till I left in the early 80’s. No reputable NYC pizzeria would ever use them. True NY style places are artisan in approach and conveyors would run customers off and I doubt the quality of the pie would ever compete with the norm. But maybe in the UK you can pull it off as most probably never had real NY style pizza?