who says there's no spam on TT?

Take a look at the names in the birthday list at the bottom of the main menu. Wow.

I have communicated this issue to Steve Green. The people at PMQ are supposed to meet this week to figure out what to do.

Just a side note Think Tank is still getting hit hard with spam you just don’t see the posts anymore because all first time post must be approved by a moderator. I have deleted at least 1000 spam first time posts in the last month as well as banning/deleting nearly the same number of spammers.

thanks, Daddio. See you next week.

Wait a minute… so where did all those b-day cards with Dominos gift cards go to? :shock: I was a little confused as too why they all had Canadian postal codes??? Richard what exactly are you pulling over on us here? :x

Since you were so impressed with your last experience, I thought I would collect them and send them to you :twisted:

Geez thanks…the taste has returned instantly! Damn you Daddio!!! :x