Who Sells a 16" Hoagie/Sub/Grinder......

If you do…what is your resell price for one?


16" Ham sub $7.38 all others $7.98. Why do you need to know pricing?

Thinking of adding and wanted to see where the price range is…I know my food cost but I use premium meats and chicken and wanted to just compare ranges

wow…I do an 8 inch for 6.99…

Don’t worry…so do I…but again, no cheap meats as fillers and trust me it makes a difference in sales when people realize there’s no ham or bologna on my italians

Use actual mortadella and provolone for a “bologna and cheese” sandwich the way it was meant to be done!!

Mandy, does your usual pricing model give you something that looks really high? Seems that is your target food cost is 25% or 30% like the rest of your stuff, then it should fall in line. You can always make a really premium one that anchors the pricing really high . . . makes you main line look downright affordable.

sure does…and as of the next menu I am ridding myself of 8 cut 14" pizzas and going to 10" / 16" / 20" and my 16" will be more competitively priced

We sell an 18" in the $11 range. 10.97 for something simple like ham or veggie, 11.57 for steak or chicken

My meats are all just deli meats except for the fresh chicken beast ( with an r) we use. What makes my subs good is the fresh french bread that we bake every day. I only sell around 300 to 350 subs a week. In my area people are not able to spend six or seven dollars for an 8" sub so if I did use higher quality meats I would probably sell even less. If your market can afford it than use the best.

If you want to look for price points I think you could take a look in the yellow pages and see what prices are on others menus.