Who sells POP and how do I bottle sauce?

Hi Everyone,
I can’t wait till next year, I’m going to Vegas no matter what, too busy this year. It’s a good thing. Anyway…I’m ramping up my POP area and wanna know what you guys sell. I’m getting racks for my T’s, gonna get bumper stickers and hats. Food wise I wanna sell our pizza sauce but I have no clue on how to jar it. Do I can it like fruit and stuff? Is anyone else selling their sauce/sauces? Anyone use a company to print labels for jars and stuff? Anyone know the meaning of life? Ooops one too many. OK, have at it, let the sharing begin!


Bigger question…did you contact the USDA. I am starting to sell products such as my sauce and Gluten Free crusts and the first mistake that is made is NOT contacting the USDA since you are now selling wholesale. Add to that, your insurance coverages for products that are sold for use our of your store.

For instance…if you sell a jar of sauce and it causes someone to be ill, your current insurance will not cover the claim.

Labeling…don’t forget the nutrional labeling…yup, it needs to be done.

I have doing my research for about 4 months now and am having my USDA inspection next week, btw…this is not the same as your local health department. I have sent my recipe off to have it analyzed for the required nutritional label.

Packaging…same as canning fruits…you could even offer a trade-back program to reduce costs. When a customer brings back a sauce jar…you offer a rebate of 1.00 on their next purchase. win win.


Awesome post Steve thank you. I will move in that direction. Until then i will sell T-shirts and mugs. I got a PM that I should sell re-fill-able cups and discount the re-fills for return guests.


No problemmo…

Willi are you going to sell the promotional products as a profit items or a "self liquidating promotion?..Often times T-shirts can be sold at cost and then they provide free advertising for their lifetime…If you want to sell them as a profit item, they have to have pretty snazzy design or they will not move…

As far as cups, I have had client distribute empty cups at colleges and events and then fill them with a qualifying pickup order…

One thing I have learned here Royster is value verses profit. I agree with you, and plan to move them instead of them getting dusty. I agree 100% my Candian friend. Gratz on the Olympics well done!

For bottling sauce, you need to look into a co-packager/co-bottler company (such as “Original Juan” ) they will work up your recipe in small batches and maintain strict confidentiality, then they’ll have you try samples to verify it is correct, ( I suggest you go to their location and work directly with their chef) then they work that recipe up to a minimum 800 pound batch, they bottle it in an approved commercial facility, they help you design your label, print the labels with the correct nutritional information and other legal stuff, and ship you the product ready for placement in retail locations.