Who sells wheat crust pizzas

I was wondering how many off you offer some sort of wheat crust pizza? How well does it sell? Is it worth adding?

Papa John’s sells whole wheat crust in addition to the normal line.

But, our area isn’t really that “health conscious”…in the next town over, they sell really well…but the next town over is a really large town with more “trendy” of consumers than our small town.

It is good, but it tends to be a bit dry…so I up the sauce by a little bit (full spoodle instead of just shy of a full spoodle) to compensate.

Mirroring what pjgirl was saying, it depends on your market. Do people ask? I am in a health concious area. I sell 50% w/w at least! So think back to customer interactions, new customers, etc.
Do you do emails? Do you do customer feedback cards? Feel like doing a survey of customers? Ask, that is truly the only way you can know.