Who serves espresso?

If you serve espresso,lattes,mochas etc… is it worth it?

It seems I spend more on keeping my $8,000 machine heated than what it makes.

It does give me a upperhand on the competition.

What say you?


It’s obvious that some (Starbucks and others) are making lots of money with their expensive machines.

The reason your not could be a number of factors.

  1. you can’t rely on family or friends (unless there’s a rouge element) to be honest. You need an objective, outside assessment of “Are my products any good?”

  2. your prices may be too high.

  3. Are you busy with your other products? I assume you sell pizza and other things. Are people flocking to your place to buy your other products?

  4. If you are relatively new in the area, people may not know that this is something that you do. How are you promoting these products?

It’s sad that there were more than 70 views and I’m the only one that took the time to respond.

I’m not even a professional … I just love pizza.

I am 59, I’ve traveled to more than 46 states and 15 foreign countries.

I do know this. You can always spot a winner when it comes to a food establishment. The place may or may not have great signs or a great exterior or interior for that matter; they may not have advertisements in the paper … what they do have … is people …

It does not matter what time of day or night, there’s always people inside when the place is open. Crowded during normal eating times; possibly so crowded that there’s a line, but always some customers during off peak hours. These establishments work solely on word of mouth. If I see a restaurant that has cars in the lot at 3:30PM and 10:30AM and they’re not the employees then that’s the place I’m going to check out.

There is a Chinese restaurant here where I live that I can’t for the life of me understand how he stays in business. I hardly every see any cars in his parking area and when I’ve gone in there to look around most of the time it’s empty. I’ve eaten there, the quality is slightly above average but not fabulous.

Why? because the product is so good that you want to go back all of the time and tell your friends.

Our family should have been part owners of Libretti’s in East Orange, NJ for as many times as my father ate there; at least 3 times per week for lunch and Fri or Sat evening family meals. Yes the food was outstanding.

The bottom line is you have to have people in your place and ads and gimmicks will only get them in the first few times. IF the food is not so great or have a bad service or experience they probably won’t be back.

Thanks for the response. I think the reason there is only your response is because most places do not have a espresso machine.

It seems that espresso/latte drinkers are geared towards the coffee houses. I do have great beans locally roasted and a top of the line machine.

I agree with the quality aspect- there is a science to being a good barista.