Who shaves their head?

I took the plunge and shaved all my hair before nature won that battle. I’ts been a couple weeks and people are use to it. I love it. It was a hard decision but a good one.

I call out to all the other bald TT members, let me hear your voice.


sure ill be at that junction in a few years… i’ll let ya know how it goes. :wink:

I could do it before my next physical and loose a few pounds quick, but without the hair what holds your hat on in a convertible?

I never shaved my head. I love my hair :slight_smile:

The big downside to shaving your head is that sweat pours right off instead of being sponged up by your hair. As such, you need something on your crown when in heated environments (you know, that kitchen place). It can be a baseball cap, a skull cap, or a “do rag”, but you need a sweat catcher.

Also, a warning for those who’ve never done it. No matter how little hair you have, your scalp isn’t as tan as the rest of your head. It only takes a few days to fill in enough, but that first shock is a big one.

I’m a part time baldie… I shave my head when it gets long enough to have to brush or comb. By then, it’s back to bright white.