Who Uses Avocados?

Avacados are so popular and command an upcharge that no one bats an eye to pay.

They look awesome and can keep us on the ‘cool’ list

However they seem to be a major pain, whats everyones workflow to make sure you have perfect avocados ready to go?
Or should I just move on bc theyre not worth it?

What way you thinking about using them? Salads? Maybe a Burger?

Exactly, pizza, and subs too

We’ve tried them a few times over the years. I love them, but operationally they are a pita. Given the size of a typical independent menu (pizza, calzones, salads, sandwiches, appetizers, etc), I don’t like adding anything that is gong to further complicate things.

They are expensive, sometimes deliveries are too ripe, sometimes they are not ripe enough, how long they last is not predictable and you have to hope your employees can judge all this.

If i had purely a sandwich shop — sure, but given the full pizzeria concept — no thanks.

What about buying them IQF solely for use as a pizza topping? Put them on the pizza frozen and thaw/lightly bake them to order so there’s no waste.

You read my mind, Looking like I should move on

Saw someone buying a bag of frozen peeled avacado halves. I thought to myself ‘EUREKA’. I tried inquiring with the customer about them but his english and my spanish werent working.
Anyway not wanting to buy a whole case to try, I looked in my local grocery store for frozen avacados. They had some from Welches company… No bueno maybe good for guacamole. But I was looking for that nice sliced look and taste.
Thought maybe everyone was vaccuum sealing them. The more I think about it, the more I feel like a busy idiot

yeah i won’t do it. I have never enjoyed a hot avocado. I just feel they don’t bring much to the party once they are heated up. Even on a burger; I’d rather get a extra buck for a fried egg on top of a burger.

Avocado is no bueno on a pizza. Thought it would be the ‘in’ thing to do but didn’t taste good on a pizza. Maybe a avocado based sauce?? :stuck_out_tongue:

We use them. We put them fresh on pizzas after they have been cooked. We also put them on salads. We buys small quantities to last for the week they can be a pain but we use quite a bit people like them out here. We either by them from the grocery store or from smart and final they sell bags of 12 for a good price.

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In China they like it, and we have a Chinese-style pizza featuring avocado. It goes with pineapple and shrimps on a sweet mayonnaise base. It just doesn’t fit together lol. But Chinese like it.

I tried a better recipe for a catering with mixed avocados (more like a guacamole), with shrimp, mango on a “cocktail sauce” base (as we call it in French; I don’t remember very well how to do it but it’s something like ketchup, mayonnaise, fresh cream, cognac and… salt and everything). It was for the French Consulate, and it was good (pizza teglia).

I also tried an avocado base: mixed avocados + fresh cream (and salt etc), and it was surprisingly good. It’s worth to try again!IMG_20170720_153149-forum.jpg IMG_20170515_162032-forum.jpg

Man… those limes are so thin they only have one side!
Nice presentation.

A little bit too thin yes :confused: Unfortunately I’m not patient enough to make a beautiful decoration lol, but thank you! haha

I often experiment with new toppings to see if they’ll sell and how hard it is to pull it off. Usually I do this by running a “pizza of the month” I don’t run one every month, only when I want to try out something new, I’ve experimented with thick cut bacon, pork belly, shrimp, corn, kimchi, blue cheese, pulled pork, etc. Sometimes a topping does so well it makes it on the menu full time, other times, not so much. I have great customers that love to try out the new pizza of the month when we have one and they give me great feedback. Curiosity will sell those pizzas as well and gives people a reason to come back. I’d buy that case and run it for a month and then judge. If people keep coming back and asking when/if you’ll do it again then you have a winner, if not? oh well, on to the next one.