Who uses the QII oven

Been reading about the QII inferred oven and seems like a decent idea for screen pizzas, im not sure if it works good on pan style pizzas

anyone use them how much are they

I’ve never used the QII, but I worked for several years with the original qmatic, and it worked awesome on the pan style pizzas. Compared to the air impingement ovens, the qmatic’s heating element baked the pizzas really well. The place i worked at that had the qmatic switched to the MM Wow oven and i feel like the qmatic put out a better pan pizza. What they say about how the vegetables and other toppings wont get burned in the Qmatic is true, it wont dry out the toppings. Your experience may be different, but that is what I have noticed.

With that being said, the original qmatic had issues if the pizzas werent placed on the belt about 3-4" apart at least. It was also really confusing to adjust all the settings. I had talked to Nate (I think i’m remembering his name correctly) about the new QII and it sounded really promising as he explained to me how all the issues I preciously saw had been fixed for the relaunch now that Berkshire Hathaway had bought out the company. I was really considering buying them until he told me they were $17.5k each as a promotional price, and if i wanted to wait a month the price would go up to $24k. They also at that time had stopped making the 55" version and were only making the 120" belt which was too big for my kitchen. I decided to go with some second-hand lincolns i got a great deal on until i invest in some new XLTs.