Who wants to make money programming my pos pizza?

I hate to sit at the computer and program my menu on my system.

If you know how to program the pos pizza and want to make some money, please pm me.


What are you using for a POS?

pos pizza

Thats too funny. It’s the exact reason that I am hesitant to purchase Point of Success. I know myself too well and I would spent the $3000 and never finish programming it. At least not in time to take advantage of their 30 day guarantee, and probably not ever.

Point of Success is a breeze to set-up…hell, I’m close enough…make me an outrageous offer!!!

actually, buy the training CD & get the free d/l…you can play a bit…the “Super Button” concept is a bit challenging @ 1st, but overall POS is a fine choice…

point of Success was easy to set up but VERY time consuming when you have a large menu like we do. I was fustrated at some point to no end. Now that it is done I am happy I did it and here is why…

I know how to make changes to the system in seconds if needed, if new things needed to be added that servers found was not there i can do it. Not having to rely on somebody else to make changes or improvements is nice

That is one of the many things I like about Prism/Microworks; programing is included with the purchase.

How much did the software cost? And did you have to pay them to program your menu?