Who wants to sell me menus?

Anyone? I have it on pdf, need some stuff moved around, then printed…

Take a look in the vendor directory…
There are also some ads in PMQ magazine…

Taradel has good prices on printing, 10K for $395. Customer service is pretty bad from my experience and what I’ve heard from others. So you have to be very sure your order was

Among other things, they didn’t fold my menus. So, what should have cost me $60 ended up costing $200 for a folder and whatever the labor is to have someone stand around and feed those things into the folder. I didn’t even get an apology when I talked to them about…just reassured that they would get it right next time. :roll:

I guess I’m mainly concerend about design work.

Just remember that you get what you pay for. I did the menu printer search last fall and I ended up going with CFM Concepts. My customers love our menus. They make them hungry! I have even had people call me just to tell me that my menu is the best they have ever seen and they will be visiting soon to get some food. My experience with CFM Concepts has been very professional. They get it right. They know how to design menus that sell your product.

POTM Id love to share mine with you and get some critisism.

Post it here and I am sure you will get all kinds of feedback…The good, the bad and for sure the ugly…

I use taradel. They did our menus and postcards and couldn’t be happier. I think I paid 125 bucks for them to design the menu. It took some editing but ended up EXACTLY what I wanted. The postcard match. Never had any problems with customer service, in fact just the opposite. Chris and the desingers were great to work with.

Fast turn around too.

We don’t get our menus folded just cuz I am to cheap to spend the extra 60 or so bucks. Great busy work for the crew when they are all caught up.

They usually have a coupon for new customers in PMQ and Pizza Today.

They will also update your menu and pricing free for life.


Kris, do you have a direct contact?

Usually Chris will answer the phone…he is who I talk to and then he will set you up with a designer.


Also if you haven’t checked out their website it is www.taradel.com

Make sure if you go with them to proof read the typing. EVERY single time…every single draft…every single word.


Just spoke to Tlynn, thanks Kris.

ditto on Taradel, couldn’t be happier with the product or service.

If you go to www.taradel.com during the day, you often get Chris to chime in with an auto-chat. That’s who you want to talk to.

My experience with Taradel is great. They do fantastic work. The only snag I ran into was on the mailing of my menus (that was not Taradel’s fault though).

Good afternoon all - thanks for the great feedback. I am very proud (and lucky!)to have you all as clients.

thepassionofthecrust - I have sent you a PM with details on our services. You can also get pricing, free pizza menu samples, and more at our pizza page. Check it out here http://www.taradel.com/PizzaMenus

Thanks again, and let me know if there is anything at all I can be of assistance with.

Chris, no PM.

I spoke to Wendy, we should be rolling by Monday. I need a logo designed. I have what I want, just no way to put it o n a PDF or whatever format needed. Anyone want to help a brother out?

BTW, next time Kris give her a nice big fat discount for reffering me. I think like 80 % off should work :o :lol:

I just scanned a picture of our logo and sent it that way. Worked out great and then they played a bit with shading and stuff and it turned out great.

Just remember the first one is just that…the first one. I took all the drafts and printed them…showed them around…checked for spelling…changed some pictures and placing.

Make sure you are happy with the final draft. It will be exactly as printed out.

Have Fun!


Just a couple of thoughts…no dollar signs. Also no: Supreme…14.99 The dots are not good. When they sent us a sample pack it was nice to go through and find one similiar to what I wanted. Since you are already moving on it you may want to check out the ones on the website. It helped create a vision.

Do you know what program the logo was created in? Generally most Adobe products Photoshop/Illustrator) can open/convert most stuff out there to jpg/tiff/eps/pdf etc

Yeah, the program is called a cocktail napkin. HAHA, now how to get it digital? I have no clue.

Could you trace it onto a transperency?