whole milk/part skim redux

Okay. Can someone summarize the general baking characteristic differences between whole milk and part skim mozzerella in deck ovens. I know my particular non-pizza deck will perform differently than a Y600, but I’m going for genral performances here. I have been using part skim moss/prov blend for years, with really, really good results. Very popular with customers.

I just checked whole milk pricing for me, and it is about 5 cents more a case to go that route. I am thinking about blending the two products in equal parts to get a different cheese melt, because I am envisioning a little smoother, little stretchier product with the whole milk product added in. I would test to get the feel for how it performs, but want the 411 before going to the trouble . . . it may not even do what I want it to do.

thats my blend and every1 luvs it…I think :wink:

I just looked into this a couple months ago. Some of the differences can be subjective and some differences will vary depending on the cheese quality. One of the biggest benefits we have received from going to whole milk mozzarella is the cheese’s ability to hold up better to baking. We do a thick crust pizza and really needed the extra baking time that skim milk could not give us. It would burn too soon because it lacks the fat.

Other characteristics we like about the whole milk mozzarella is the richer taste, the flow and it holds up better in a display case for slices. You mileage may vary . . .

I would agree with everything you said pirate, but would add that whole milk is a bit more difficult to deliver because of the oil. Has the tendancy to slide if not kept absolutly level. We use one third whole milk mixed with two thirds part skim to get the benifits of the flavor and cook, but still have ease of delivery.