whole milk vs part-skim vs 2%

Working on our recipe for Margherita pizza and would like to get some input on what some other operators use between these 2. I want to use a loaf cheese and slice it up to put on top of the pizza. Are there any advantages/disadvantages between the 2? Besides the fact the part-skim will be less expensive. Will they cook the same? Have been doing some testing with Belissimo from the grocery store and not really sure how similar what I get from my supplier (GFS/SOFO) will be to this.



Traditionally, I believe, one woud use fresh mozzarella on this style/type of pizza…but many don’t…

Many of us have dabbled around with various cheeses & blends…to ech his own, based on personal taste and regional preferences…

Me? I prefer a whole milk mozzarella and a provolone blend…typically called an East Coast blend…

margherita needs fresh mozz, a totally different product.

Yes, I am going to use fresh mozz - just trying to get some opinions on whove vs part skim fresh mozz. I guess I wasn’t clear in my original post.


Part skim mozzarella will have more carbs and more sodium…

I am a big fan of the whole-milk mozzarella cheese, It has a buttery-rich flavor and good meltability.

My recommendation is to test both in your oven and use the one that works best. Whole milk seems to many shops to be a smoother melt and less scortching than part skim. Lower fat tends to rubberize more in pizza applications, but no always. There is some variation among producers and performance in ovens. Test and ejoy the judging.

OK, both have arrived and ready to begin testing. What have you found to be the best way to slice the loaves of cheese? We have a manual nemco vegetable slicer and a hobart mixer (no attachment though).


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I never even considered using part skim mozz. I just assumed whole was better.

There must an advantage to using part skim, because the prices are the same.

I tried doing a search on old threads, but the topic seems to always get distracted.

I guess I could order a case of part skim, but I thought I would see if anyone has any advice here???

BTW I use Grande Whole milk.