Whole Wheat Crusts

Since the South Beach diet and other healthy trends are growing in popularity, people are looking for whole grain products as meal options. Do you offer a whole-wheat or multi-grain crust? Do you plan to? Do you think whole-grains are here to stay?

I think we’ve only had one person in three years ask if we have ww crust. We’re a small town though. I doubt we’ll ever change to a new crust, just because it’s what makes us unique. Just a basic crust, it’s just better than the competition, so if it ain’t broke …

e offer a honey wheat curst, and white curst made in house every day. We are expanding our crust choices to include a garlic parmesan crust. and a sundried tomatoe basil curst. We did offer low carb crust that was brought in premade and the company discontinued the product. We lost a lot of customers that were health councious that only ate pizza becauce they could get it on low carb. Ohh Welll our honeywheat is very healthey and we make our pizzas the healthiest way we can.

We never had a person ask, amd have a lot of success with our current dough. I just wanted to comment that it’s good to see the Topic of the Week back in business.

We’ve introduced it into our restaurant with a lukewarm response from customers. Some like it and some don’t but isn’t that the case with everything in the business. We’ll keep putting the word out that we have it and see if it grows on people.

We’ve been offering sourdough whole wheat at our store since 1991.

It seems its popularity is based on availability as we only make a half batch at a time. It seems that when we’re running low or out of a particular size that’s what people will want. It’s kind of hard to gauge the demand. Maybe offering people the choice between our sourdough white and sourdough wheat would be in order.

Also for the past six months or so we’ve been making orders every Tuesday for the school lunch program. Anywhere between 30 and 40 pizzas all on whole wheat dough. We make enough whole wheat the night before to accommodate the order

And we also have a few people who come in every so often and want to just buy a few of our 12" whole wheat dough balls.

We offered WW for about 6 months…we ended throwing most of it away…finally in the end we had to discontinue it…just did not sell…it was really good but I guess most people want pizza the old fashioned way and if there thinking healthy…pizza is probly there last choice. I do have to say we live in a small town…I’m sure in bigger city’s it would do much much better.