Whole Wheat Pizza & Gluten-Free Pizza

I would make these doughs myself, but I am not sure that the demand is there yet?

Can you recommend any vendors to buy from until demand get to the point where making in-house woudl make sense?

Hi Famous,

We recently covered the Gluten-Free topic in our March issue. You might be interested in checking out what was written in our Healthy Slice column here: http://digital.pmq.com/pizzamagazine/200803/

Also, an operator spoke with us about serving gluten-free pizza on Pizza Radio. You can listen to the interview here: http://www.pizzaradio.com/?p=153

And if you’re still wanting to hear more, the distributors of a Gluten-Free flour chatted with us on Pizza Radio here: http://www.pizzaradio.com/?p=163

Hope this helps!
Liz Barrett, editor-in-chief

we buy them from Dads gluten free online. We are selling more and more of them. The big advantage is that is brings in the rest of the family who can eat regular pizza.