Whooohoo...I am IN!

Howdy folks I am a long time reader/poster and thanks to much prodding by Nick and the other folks to register and log in I got my login issues figured out with the help of the great Tom Boyles so I’m here and ya’ll will now know who is picking on you :lol:

Yeah…thanks Tom!

Welcome Kris…RCS…

You’ll ge tthe secret handshake instructions in the mail along with the key to the executive washroom. Glad to see another one take the plunge. Now we can search the archives for your login to find your nuggets of brillance!

Hope it didn’t hurt as much as when I signed up. Still have the scar.

so you finnaly got the computer working ----now if we can just get some work out of you lol

Now the secret handshake is one thing, but you gotta be here for at least a year and make a minimum of 100 posts before you get the key to the executive toilet…

So Tom did my key get lost in the mail or what? LOL