Whooooeee here we go!

A day later than we thought… the 26th was OK but we really jumped into it tonight. Best night in maybe four years. I will have to look at the numbers when I get back in there in the morning to see against our history.

Stopping this AM to look at the numbers and last night was, in fact, the best night in four years.

Congrats on having a great night. I hope that the season goes well for you. It must be a great feeling to finally see signs of a turnaround.


I too had awesome nights in 2 of my shops! We wont talk about Boulder!

ahhh… but in Boulder you know when it will turn around. Never fear the hungry hoards will return when Spring semester begins! Two weeks to go.

Next night report… we matched the numbers. Hoping for an even bigger night tonight with it being Saturday. Local lodging reports are that town is at 100% full for the first time in four years as well… stands to reason we would match the numbers.

So I came in on the 26th and my phone said we missed 156 calls, I am thinking of opening next year, instead of paying them agree to a percent of sales and divide between the employees who worked.

After four nights… now on track for the best holiday week since 2007! @rockstar, sure sounds like you ought to be open… if only to not give your customers a reason to try the competition!

I hope you guys set a record!!! Bleh, 2007 was a horrible first year - so glad its gone and done. Happy New Year’s!!!

Last night was even better than any other night in the last week (or the last FIVE years)

No chance of a record week though. 2006 and 2007 were just insane. If we come within 5K of those records I will be thrilled.

closed early on Christmas Eve closed Christmas day and closed early (8PM) last night and still my residential store in Longmont broke 20k for the week! Gonna be over 100k for December posting nearly 10% vs last year!!!

Congrats on your success up there! 100% full occupancy means people are back to living a little which set us all up for a great 2013!

Yep… a lot of people in town. We are running an average ticket contest for the week. My daughter is winning right now with two nights to go and an average ticket of $54.00 Second and third place are both right around $46. That is after five nights with pretty high number of orders for each order taker.

1st prize is $50
2nd prize is $30
3rd prize is $20

We had a talk about suggesting combos and add-on etc. This is the at least the 10th year we have run the contest. It seems to help.

Well we closed out the week. New Year’s day was a bit of a disappointment but we still beat every year since 2007 making this the 3rd best holiday week of the last 10 years.

Time for some rest!