Whos copying who XLT or EDGE

These ovens look the same to me

are the close or the same ?

i am very interested in switching out my old lincoln 1000s ovens for a double stack edge 60s

right now my propane bill is about 600 a month and electric is about 450, does anyone know how much lower my engery bills would be with the edge 60 ovens. If they will drop to 400 for fuel and 300 for power give or take 10% its a no brainer for me and i would be stupid for not buying new ovens

No one noticed that XLT ovens and EDGEs look almost identical?

They are both basically copies of the Lincoln oven with currently available improvements added.

George Mills

thanks for the info mr mills. Can you tell me about how much money a month you think i would save in energy costs going from a 1986 lincoln 1000 double stack to the edge 60 doulbe stack?

They claim .65 cents an hour with the modulating valve i think my lincolns cost about 2 bucks an hour if i did the math right

One more thing why is the edge 60 cheaper to operate than the edge 40? seems a smaller oven would use less power and gas so how the bigger oven is cheaper makes no sense to me

Operating costs are difficult to pin down,There are a great many variables.
Most of the manufacturers currently claim 30 to 40 % cost reduction over their older models

You ask: Why is the edge 60 cheaper to operate than the edge 40? seems a smaller oven would use less power and gas so how the bigger oven is cheaper makes no sense to me.

That stumps me also. It does not appear logical.

George Mills

So correct me if I’m wrong. I spend about 1100 a month for gas a power if that drop ped by 35% that would save me about 400 bucks a month and the oven payment would be about 400 bucks. So the oven is paying for it self and there is no down side

This seems to me too good to be true

There must be a catch or flaw in my theroy. Otherwise I’m buying new ovens Monday lol

Comparing dollars spent amongst different utility companies does not help as prices are commonly vastly different. Here’s my gas usage by month for 2011 in therms. I use Edge 60 ovens at this store and run the ovens over 18 hours a day. The only things that run on gas at this location is the ovens and my hot water heater.
Jan-402 therms
Feb-343 therms
march-330 therms
april- 377 therms
may- 361 therms
june- 365 therms
july- 392 therms
august-327 thems
september- 362 therms
october- 396 thems
november- 334 therms
december- 327 therms.

My average gas bill is around $400/month. I saw a decrease in my gas bill of 20-25% when I put in the Edge ovens, but I was replacing 2006 and 2007 ovens, not 1986 ovens.

jokergerm » Sun Mar 25, 2012 5:32 am
So correct me if I’m wrong. I spend about 1100 a month for gas a power if that drop ped by 35% that would save me about 400 bucks a month and the oven payment would be about 400 bucks. So the oven is paying for it self and there is no down side.

The claim is not that your entire power bill will be reduced, just the oven operating costs.

George Mills

Ya I understand that. But my Lincoln’s are the only think that run on 220 power so I figured they are a large part of my power bill being 12 amps each

Paul are you running both ovens 18 hours a day or just one

Cause we run one Lincoln for 12 hours ish a day and the second one for about four hours a day for the rush

i still find it hard to believe that the edge 60 ovens can run on .65 an hour for fuel and electric. i know thats for one 1 so a double stack would be 1.30 an hour but thats on 13 bucks a day if you ran a double stack 10 hours a day every day, thats still only 390 bucks a month for fuel and power for the ovens

seems way to cheap if thats the case that would be about 65% more effeicent than my 1986 lincolns

The best way to estimate your savings with Edges is to check your usage numbers, not just your dollar figure. Find out what the charge per therm is. Take the Edge numbers (therms/hour) and calculate.

Prices are different everywhere. You really are the only one that can answer your questions.

For me, with pricing here, the difference between a rebuilt MM360 and an Edge 60 was about 12%. Payoff came to something like 58 months. It’s not worth it to me, at this point, to spend double the amount for those “savings”. I"m not saying the Edge folks are saying anything wrong, just that comparisons I’ve made here don’t justify the expense.

Sorry Steve I am confused…

You say the difference in price between a re-built MM360 and an Edge60 is 12%…Where does double the cost come in?..

If i remember correctly the difference in operating cost between the 60 and 40 is because of the length of the bake chamber. Because the chamber is longer on the 60 you can bake something for the same amount of time but at a lower temperature. Im not 100% sure this is correct but i seem to remember them saying that.

I think he was saying you can get rebuilt MM360s for 10-12k and the Edge’s are 23-24k

but i could be confused.

Well i could really use some advice on which route to go. I have the chance to get a doulbe stack MM360wb set for 5000 bucks in good shape, however they are 170k btu an hour so thats gonna cost more than my lincolns im sure but they are way cheaper then the edges at 23k.

I run propane so i dont know anything about therms. i know i pay 1.95 a gallon for propane and last month my bill was 675 bucks for propane which works out to be about 22 bucks a day or 2.2 dollars per hour. Thats running 1 oven 10 hours a day and the 2nd oven 2-4 hours a day depending on the rush.

Now i assume with the 60" bake chamber of the edges i wont need both ovens excpet for thursday-saturday nights, so there is some savings there.

The edge oven monthly payments would be about 375 bucks. If they are correct that it costs .65 cent per hour to run these ovens even if it was higher in my area and costs a dollar per hour it would be worth it to the edge ovens vs the MM360wbs for 5000 bucks + an increase in fuel by 10% due to the higher BTU’s

I did a bunch of calculations and have an answer…I figure the new ovens will cost about 1.51 per hour to operate…

They use a figure of 1.3 cents per cubic foot for natural gas…They show a cost of 0.87 per hour or 67 cubic feet of natural gas…

Your propane costs 1.95 a gallon which equals 36.41 cubic feet or about 5.4 cents per cubic foot…Propane is 142% more efficient…So if they use 67 cubic feet of natural gas you will use 28 cubic feet of propane…28 x 5.4 = 1.512…

http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index … 748AAecF41

Wow thanks royster!

was the 1.51 per deck or for a double stack?

So it seems they would save me about 210 per month. Still not bad

Not sure if that is 1 or 2 as their page does not indicate…

As propane cost increases, the savings will be greater…There is also the lower maintenance time and expense as a new oven should not require as much service…I also understand that they are easier to clean…Also there might be some recovery of costs by selling the old ovens…

Even though you might not save enough to cover your payment, there are still lots of positives to the new oven…

If i can save 200 a month in energy from propane and electric combined with the new ovens it will be worth it to me

that way the new ovens would cost me 200 a month and have a 5 year warranty
Doing 15k a week in the lincoln 1000’s is a joke, on weekends we have a stack of 10-15 pizzas waiting to go in the oven it sucks

i have a buddy that in the summer they do 25k a week in a double stack of lincolns i have no idea how they manage that i would freak out

One other difference between older lincolns or mm360’s, and the newer ovens (edge, xlt ,mm wow) will be the bake. It is my belief that you will see a far superior product coming out of the newer ovens. This should be the main reason to switch. The energy savings is just a secondary bonus. I would bet big money that if you switched at one store, you would soon after switch at your other stores. The bake is that much better.

No I do not run 2 all day every day. I’ll run two for most all of Friday and Saturday, a big part of Thursday and Sunday, and mostly just dinner rushes and for large orders on monday through Wednesday. As you mentioned, having an oven that is 50% bigger and will probably cook faster than what you are currently using, you will need two ovens less often than you do currently. I also agree with Perfect Pizzas that you will certainly see an improvement in the cook of your pizzas.