whos doing their own laundry?

this came up in another thread but I wanted to ask a few questions.
a) what detergent do you use on white towels?
B)what’s your process? I can’t seem to get ours spotless…when we had linen co they would come back each week like new towels.
3) what’s the trick for aprons? I put a load of them in and they came out a dirty tangled mess because of the tie strings
thanks for the help in advance

I tried this a few years ago…

Total waste of time the towels were dingy looking thought I was going to start a grease fire.

The aprons got tangled, the dryer made the store hotter.
I did start using a mesh bag for aprons…, that helped a bit but not enough for me to continue doing my own laundry.
I called the guy told him to come back, he laughed and said “happens all the time”

we don’t wear aprons. but white hand towels you have to wash 2 to 3 times.

1 the first cycle just hot water and soap, no bleach, it would be a waste. stop it before it goes in final rinse.

2 Next wash move towels around or reload them because they are compressed. use hot water, soap and bleach. 1 cup bleach in bowl and 1 cup in reservoir. wash full way.

3 usually thats enough, but if not wash 1 more time. once again decompress towels. this time no soap, it would be a waste. just hot water and bleach. 1 cup in bowl and 1 in reservoir.

Approx. 15yrs ago my linen guy missed me so we brought out towels down the street to the laundromat before we closed. We left them in the laundry bag and went home. Place burned down by morning…TRUE STORY! Never had any idea that the minimal oil on the towels from wiping down pans could spontaneously combust so be careful not to leave them in the dryer or bag!

We do our own laundry and own a laundromat. Untangle the aprons before you put them in the dryer, it’s not that bad when they’re wet and they’ll come out of the dryer fine. Use black aprons instead of colored ones. Your towels won’t come out as well as a cleaning service, you might have to buy new ones more often then you’d like but will still probably be saving money. Make sure you let the dryer go through the cool down phase or dry on low heat, this will eliminate any risk of spontaneous combustion (we learned this after 2 laundromat fires).

also, wash your aprons and towels in separate loads; the lint from the towels looks bad on the aprons.