Who's going to Orlando?

Who’s going to the Orlando Pizza Show this year?

since I live here, I reckon I’ll make it on Sunday

Anyone driving through be sure to stop in Gainesville. Will be one of my busiest weekends of the year, but I’m sure I can find some time for beers with some other Think Tankers.

Rut Roh paul. I’ll be there.

wish I was going this year, good meeting, I am in AZ
was a good visit with you last year Paul,

what’s going on this weekend in Gainesville to make it so busy, I thought school had not started yet…
have a good one


Just a friendly reminder to youins the show falls on opening week of the NFL.

This will mean more to some than others. Use this information wisely.


You don’t have to worry about it too much up there. Your state doesn’t even have a team does it? :lol: :lol:


P.S. Unless the first name of your team starts with Kansas City, or ends with Chiefs… you don’t count.

i was thinking i may go down, but the northeast pizza show in atlantic city is the following week and that’s a lot closer and much more pizza oriented along with a bull and brew session :smiley:

have many of you gone to the orlando show before and is it worth the trip?

j_rokk u r comin a long way, what would make you go to orlando over atlantic city bein they are proly equal travel for u?

I gotta check the schedule to see if there are any illegal dog fighting events that weekend that need a mole to turn them into the feds. Since Vick is off the scene, it will be harder to find.

If your quarterback isn’t under federal indictment . . . then . . . . ummmm . . . we probably wont have too big of a NFL season this year in GA.

GT writes:

j_rokk u r comin a long way, what would make you go to orlando over atlantic city bein they are proly equal travel for u?

I haven’t seen Micky or Goofy since I was 5 so I figured I’d better pay them another visit since it’s been so long.

No, actually I’ve been invited to come down and do a little seminar for folks who have questions about pizza shop operations, or marketing, or opening a shop, etc.

ahh…sounds like fun, maybe i have to make the trip.

see if you can get them to have you come on the pizza cruise for a seminar.

Believe me, I can’t stand the Steelers or the Eagles. I’m actually a Dolphins fan.

Thanks for Trent Green BTW. First legitmit QB we’ve had since that Marino guy.

td … good choice. i’m a phin fan too. hopefully a better year this season. tough to get my hopes up after last year though.

Colts fan here!
bet you are REALLY missing Matt Shaub
We are going to both, we will spend time at Disney then off to atlantic city,
cant wait its a little vacation for us and its tax deductable…LOL

I am going to the show.
First time to any Pizza Show…

Is the Orlando one worth it?
Any tips??


PS - I am a Steeler Fan :lol:

Anyone coming in early enough to spend a day fishing in St Augustine or Daytona? I’ll book the charter. An early version of the Pizza Cruise!

the last few Fla restaurant shows were not as large (exhibitor wise) as they have been in the past (especially when compared 2 pre-9/11)

In the past, they’ve had the liquor “flair” show/competition…

the PMQ aspect was a pleasant addition - Tom L is always on his game and able to answer Q’s on the fly, in addition to his booths & seminars…

make some time to go to Pleasure Island or the Islands of Adventure in your downtime…

Couple of nice clubs on the strip and a few decent food joynts…

TD, Don’t you hop on that Eagles’ wagon when we go to Superbowl this year!



Goddddd you’re killin’ me. I remember you and I talking about the salt water fishing a couple months ago. I just don’t know. I’ve got a store that’ll be less than a month old when I get there so I’m not sure if I’ll have too much time on my hands. Unfortunately, I think I’m a day-to-day guy on this thing, as bad as I’d like to say, “Yes, count me in” I just can’t commit until I get a better idea of what’s going on.

I’ll be you Tom Lehmann would show up though. That man is all about big game hunting and salt water fishing.