Who's making fresh pasta?

In the constant search to find new ways to set us apart I’m thinking of adding fresh pasta to the menu. The one thing I’m not sure of is how to store it, one thought is to make up small batches a few times per week and freeze it then just pull out each portion as needed. Would this defeat the purpose of making it fresh? Any thoughts on the best way to accomplish this?


Back in the day I used to store fresh pasta on a sheet pan covered with parchment paper, and semolina flour dusted on it to keep it from sticking together, I did not make the pasta onsite, I had a local small biz doing it for me with 24 hours notice on orders of their common products, and 48 hours for specialty pasta such as Squid-ink (Black Pasta for my lobster pasta dishes)

Im betting you could use a standard dough sheeter to sheet the pasta,
to cut it, I would string piano wires on a stiff board so it mimics a guitar, lay the pasta sheet on the wires, and run a rolling pin across it to cut it into perfect fettuccine widths.
Once you go fresh, its gonna be difficult to serve or eat dried pasta again. It really shines with cream reduction sauces

WE’ve been making fresh pasta since we opened,LA PARMIGANA pasta machine D 45 double hopper,angel hair stuck together too much , discontinued linguini and fettucini,still make 1 or 2 batches per week of spaghetti (keeps about a week) i put it in a pizza dough tray with nothing under it to prevent sticking,while extruding , i measure about 10 inches and cut, then give it a half twist and fold, then lay it in the pizza tray, then cover with dough tray (full of sliced mushrooms !), i double stack with nothing in between with no sticking problems,make my pasta on the dry side to prevent sticking problems ( which can be a nightmare while extruding as well as cooking the pasta),we boil with a timer 6 minutes per order,eggs, olive oil granulated garlic, salt, semolina flour,people like our pasta but we sell ALOT more pizza with a lot more compliments,one of our best sellers is lasagna, and on a busy night it is much easier and faster for the cooks, and they can’t screw it up ! I have a great lasagna recipe if you need it . For my new locate i am working on, i will ax the pasta except for the lasagna ,concentrating on “IN AND OUT BURGER”,keep it simple

Do you cook your lasagna to order also?

cook 35 min at 350 covered, cool then refer, weigh out order in las boat and cover with plastic, order: take off plastic spoon marinara on top , run through conveyor 6:20 at 530 degrees, put a handful of mozz ch on top and run through a 2nd time and serve,easy on busy nights, keeps 5 or 6 days

That’s pretty much the way we do it except no conveyer. Thanks