Who's selling brownies

We all see the big 3 selling Brownies, just wondering if anyone here is selling them and how are they working out? and how you sell them? by the piece or by the pan? and if they worth the xtra money in inventory cost compared to the profit margin.

We did it for years when we had a slice location. Cooked them in a full baking pan and then cut and wrapped. Made good money on them. Shelf life is OK.

Never did brownies, but did cookies. IMO not worth the time and effort. It’s just a gimmick, yes a gimmick to get someone to order, or add more to the order. But still a gimmick.

If your core product is not getting return business by itself then you have bigger problems to deal with.

Thank you.

Did you make them from scratch and bake in your conveyor? If so, how were you baking them?

No, we used a just-add-water commercial mix. Baked on full tray baking pan with parchment in the pan in our MM conveyor oven. Reset time/temp settings. Bought M&Ms in a 25 lb box to sprinkle on top. Cut them nice and big.

I am a big fan of add-on sales that are easy to deal with during a rush. Since you can prep brownies any time they are a grab and go item during the rush I would do them if I could sell a bunch of them. We did not find demand for them in delivery but if we did I would not hesitate to do them again. ohhh if only I could add $2 to every ticket all year! Gimmick or not, I would take it.

we sell a ton of scratch made chocolate chip cookies and brownies with all real ingredients like butter, pure vanilla extract, cocoa, hand cracked eggs, imported Belgian dark chocolate. We also sell scratch made cannoli’s too. People continually comment on how they haven’t had products like these before and will never have mix made ones again. Walter

Walter, does the health dept make you keep them refrigerated cause of the eggs ? or just wrap and leave out ?

John: We sell out everyday and they are left out and covered. Walter

We sell cookies. I buy the David’s premade, frozen dough ones and cook up a pan at a time. Basically a little smaller version of what Subway does. I just bake, cool, and wrap them. Then I set them out on the counter in a display. We almost always sell out and the ones that don’t sell the next day.

We did cookies for years at our slice location too. Frozen 4oz dough. Baked off on sheets each day. They also did well.

We used to sell chocolate chip cookies at our old location they were a good seller. I would make the cookie dough from scratch its really easy. I would premake enough cookie dough to last for the week and bake the cookies fresh everyday. I would have people stop by just for cookies all the time. At our current location I dont have a way to bake them or I would definately have them on the menu

Have you tried doing them as an upsell on your online ordering?

I see the Big 3 doing a larger dessert portion (brownies or a cookie) and selling it for $5. I assume they are pushing them as online ad-ons. I’m thinking about slapping the Monkey Bread we put on the buffet on the menu and selling it for $5 an order. Every time someone ordered a pizza online, the site could suggest, “add an order of Monkey Bread for $4.99?” A 20 oz. doughball, sugar, cinnamon and margarine = Sweet profits!

We do two kinds of brownies, scratch recipe, chocolate with choc chips. Our other is a blonde brownie. make once or twice a week, in 9 x 13 pan, we have Bakers Pride deck oven, and rarely do we use all of our ovens, so when I go in to start my day, I set one oven to 315 degrees and put them in for 20 min, take out and cool and cut into 9 pieces, individually plastic wrapped and on the counter. Usually we are sold out within 3 days. I do not let them sit there longer than that. Its not a major seller, its just to offer a dessert, everyone asks if we’d make dessert pizzas, but we cant our dough has ingredients that prevent us from using it for sweets. It would require us to make another batch of dough, so its not worth it to us for the storage space or time. We are a TINY place!

We’ve been killing it selling “Hard” root beer floats ( not your fathers root beer and Coney Island ), so since we added ice cream we thought it would be cool to add brownie bites ( McLain item I believe) we’ll see how it goes!