Who's your favorite neighbor?

When I first opened I had a Movie Gallery, Gas Station, and Karate Studio next to me. Now, I have a Gas Station, U.S. Cellular, A church, and the karate studio is being remodeled into a physical therapy office. There is also a new building next to mine with a 24 hour gym, chain family salon, and an auto parts store. I think my favorite as far as helping my business was the Movie Gallery, but those times have past. So, who’s your favorite neighbor?

I have a barber shop next door to me and they are awesome! its busy as hell with about 9 barbers and they all eat here and send their clients here. I’m lucky to be on a fairly busy street even by Chicago’s standards…so i have a lot of great neighbors. a record label is right across the street, we get lots of traffic from a carwash down the street and tons of store front offices. all good people.

We’ve got a mom & pop motel next to us, and their German Shepherd is my best buddy who comes to visit when he wants me to throw his ball for him. In return, he watches over the place when we are not here.
I had a ex-employee show up one night checking the doors & windows trying to find a way in, and the neighbor pooch paid a visit to see what he was up to.
Before our move to this location, we were in a rural downtown tourist town where every shop locked their doors at 5:00 PM, Glad I am out of that area.