Why are mixers SOOOOO expensive???

Looking to upgrade from my 20qt to a 60qt. I only paid 800 for my used 20qt so I was thinking I could find a decent used 60qt for around 2k. Nope! Looks like I am way off. I can’t tolerate making multiple batches of dough much longer. What did you guys pay for your big boy mixers??

Shop locally and on Craigs list for a used mixer. You shouldn’t have a problem getting one for $1K - $4K. Pizza guys go out of business EVERY day. Schools retire mixers EVERY year, etc…

I found mine on eBay 5 years ago. Pretty good price.

Mixers are not that expensive if you consider how many years they last.

There are many flirty tear old units still working.
A 60 qt Hobart from a quality re conditioner is usually 6 to 7 thousand depending on the age of the mixer.

I would question prices a lot lower than the above as the seller could sell his unit to a re builder for more than prices mentioned above with a lot less effort than listing it himself.

George Mills

What George said (except I don’t know what “flirty tears” means :smiley: ) - I paid $5500 when I upgraded from a 30 to a 60 qt Hobart 12, 13 years ago. It was built in 1966, but had been professionally reconditioned. Have had no service needed on it in all that time (need a smiley for “knock on wood”).

don’t know what “flirty tears” means

OOPs thats years


What is the cost of the extra labor for multiple batches? figure out what that number is and see what the payback is on the purchase price of another mixer. Sometimes I have found myself wasting to much time thinking and trying to find the absolute best deal which is time away from paying attention to and improving my business while costing myself a significant amount of money in extra labor because I don’t have the particular piece of equipment.

Well the good thing is its not costing me any extra labor because I’m doing it all myself. If I get an unexpected rush I end up scrambling to make another batch tho. I think I’m going to ride the one out for a bit. I guess it should be on my “want” list and not my “need” list…

I bought a 60 quart hobart mixer 11 months ago for $2400 off of craig’s list. Was it a good buy? That remains to be seen but has been running great for nearly a year!!!

That was a steal. Good score!!

our Hobart mixer was made the year I was born.it hasnt had an issue in all the years we have had it.imo thats why they cost so much,they last for ever.