Why do these things happen on a saturday?

:evil: One of my staff just dropped the dough hook from my mixer and the retaining pin snapped off. I still have 2 batches of dough to make and there are no shops open to do any sort of repair.

I will bet my night staff and driver won’t show for work tonight too! :x

oh man! sorry to hear that hon! Yikes!

Got ya beat. Day kitchen help never showed up for work, and my best (or so I thought) employee dropped a bomb that she has been stealing from me for quite a while now. To top it off, she is a senior citizen!

That has got to really bite your butt. I feel for you.

Oh and I called it. I just got the I’m sick call from one of the night staff.

Well the good news is I was able to borrow a hook from a guy across town. I have the last batch of dough in the mixer. The bad news The driver can’t get her car started.

Trod on the same black cat as me Daddio :frowning:

On Saturday my dough roller went kaput yet again, only 6 weeks after getting it repaired. The guys had to roll out 80 large (13") with the rolling pin :lol:

Today (Sunday) I had to roll out 15 small (10") and 100 large with the rolling pin :cry:
Didn’t do any Family (15" normally 24 rolled out) and Jumbo (18" normally 10 rolled out).

Sold all but 3 large and 5 smalls for a nice and handy $1720 trading 5pm - 9.30pm so this made the pain of rolling feel not so bad.

Also to top it off 1 driver is away in Germany for 3 weeks on a special Medical University lecture and one counter hand rang in sick leaving us with 1 driver, 2 front counter, my daughter and me.


Just take her walker away from her until she pays you back!
better yet, remove the battery in her hearing aid and ask her to work the phones. haha

The odd thing was she was throwing away bags of food. I found 5lbs of beef, 5 lbs of sausage and 10lbs of chicken bre*st in the dumpster. I suspected someone else, and when I threatened to turn over video to the police, she came clean. It’s as though she was trying to bleed my business to death. God knows if she stole money, but after looking at voided orders, I believe she was. I could somewhat see if she was stealing food to feed her family, but throwing it away? Very odd person indeed!

I don’t think she was throwing it away. My dad used to own a deli a long time ago, he had an old lady working for him who always volunteered to throw out the trash as she ended her shift. One day he found out why; she would wrap lunch meats up really good and put them in the trash. Then out by the dumpster, which was behind the building, she would take them out. He only caught her by accident, he was trying to fit something big in the trash bag and had to move things around. He saw the meat in there and figured out pretty quickly what was going on. When the lady, who was almost 70 years old, brought out the trash he snuck around the building and literally caught her red-handed. She had been with him for 5 years.

When we sold alcohol some teenagers would do the same thing with alcohol. They would take it out and then come back after we were closed. Inventory helped us figure out someone was stealing but could never catch them. Years later the kids are now grown up and told us we were suppling their alcohol through high school. We don’t serve alcohol anymore.

get a spare hook (as I think darn I forgot to get that spare hook for the 60q at my one shop) and set up with someone local where you can do your dough if your mixer breaks. Talk to a local baker or another pizza shop. With the pizza shop just make a deal to do like wise.

I got one of my drivers (who’s day job is a machinist) to fix the dough hook for me this morning it took him 20 minutes. and the shop costs were $10. New Hook $350. I always have at least 1 day ahead on the dough in the walkin so the only bad time for something like this to happen is of course on Saturday.