Why does my pizza turn orange???????????

I use Costco cheese sometimes store bought, still no good :o

What KIND of cheese or cheeses?
Is it an orange-colored OIL coming out on top of the pizza?

Yes, Is it an orange-colored OIL coming out on top of the pizza?
Mozzarella cheese

So if you are running a pizza shop (and not just cooking pizza at home or something) I’d highly recommend finding a specific brand of mozz that results in a pizza you like. And that you can get consistently.

That oil is part of the characteristics of the cheese you’re using. Whole Milk mozz will have more of it than a part-skim, for starters. But there are a bunch of characteristics that you may like or not like. And so choosing your cheese is a critical element in defining YOUR pizza.

Check for how quickly or slowly it melts, how it stretches on a hot pizza slice, how it “feels” as you eat it, how it tastes of course, and even how it RE-heats the next day!

If suddenly, using the SAME cheese, you are just now getting orange oil cooking out, then I’m stumped…

This is very common on pepperoni pizzas when your cheese “oils out”. I believe it comes from cooking at too high a temp and the proteins seize, pressing the oil out. It mixes with the pepperoni coloring and you get a huge mess.

I could have that backwards and it happens when you cook too long at low temp . . . I believe it is high and fast that causes, though.

I cook at 600-650

Yeah back of the temp.

When I started with Dominos eons ago the temp was about 420, and about a 7:30 to 8:00 bake time which make a very soft, and chewy pizza, and cooks it thouroughly.

But as time progressed and the pressures to put out pizza at a faster rate, and increase the capacity of our ovens the temperature rose, and the bake time went down. I have been in some dominos pizza lately, and seen the temp up around 600, and there is a 5:00 bake time. The pizza has a hard crust on the bottom, and the cheese is melted and carmelized on top, but the center is kinda gouey. I imagine they have lost alot of customers as a result of this.

I have polled other stores in the past and find that most of the industry has a temp of 475, and 6:30 bake time. It seems a little hot still but it gets the job done, and the pizza centers arent gouey.

We run our deck at 525F with cook time around 8 minutes, and we rarely get oil out. We used to get it when I bumped oven to 575F to spead up cooking for peak times. I backed down again when we started getting oil.

We also changed the cheese in there somewhere. I think the new vendor we changed to had a different processor for their cheese, and we couldn’t do the higher temp. I guess the combination of heat and cheese can be tinkerd with on both side of the equation, but I’d rather change the thermostat than shop for the right cheese for the higher temp. Simple solution is best.

Customers will wait a few more minutes for great pie.

I’m right with the last post - on temp, time, and not wanting to change my cheese.
Just a reminder that from the original post it looked like MAYBE the cheese wasn’t something consistent in the first place…

Yeah. Cheee quality makes a difference. We have to check our processing/pack dates regularly to make sure we don’t have over-ripened cheese in house. We handle the older cheese a little differently, with slower baking temp/times still.

We rotate it through pretty quickly most weeks, and the vendor moves a lot of product as well. Every now and again we get an extra week of aging on a couple of cases, so it can make a little difference for us.

with regards to temp and time, I v been tinkering with time/temp for ages and I can`t seem to get it rite, I want to maximize both so I get the best cooked crust Im in no hurry with regards to getting the product out, but if I cooked at those time/temps my pizzas would be carbon, are you guys using screens or pans disk etc?

I’m on screens for half the time, spin and onto the bare deck for the last half. As long as our dough is not overproffed, we are good to go in about 8 minutes . . . 15 if lots of door opening :frowning:

I used Grande and for a while, last year at this time, the cheese was yeilding oil and my famous pizza looked like a puzzle. I tried everything possible to fix matters and in my opinion, in the slow months, they just cut back on quality–get your representive in there and show them your pizza. Results happen.