Why does this week suck?

So we are in our second year and have been doing well …up 48% over last year and up 60% over the prior owners. But checked the records last year and this being the third week of November really sucks. Especially Tuesday through Thursday. Does anyone else have this experience during this time? I mean it is bad, really bad, like crickets and tumbleweeds bad. If so, is there a reasonable explanation for it? Perhaps people are thinking ahead to next week and day before Thanksgiving and all or early X-mas shopping and broke? Just curious.

Re: Why does this week s**k?

This is just a guess but I think people just realized that Christmas is 5 weeks away and money is tighter than one would like. They are probably just saving a little bit more to be able to give more in the upcoming holiday season. I hope that is the case and everyone’s sales start to climb. :!:

Re: Why does this week s**k?

For us it’s also the start of High School and Jr. High School basket ball season! We’re a small town so when 80 sets of parents, 60 sets of grandparents and the odd assortment of hangers-on are sitting in the gyms…it’s noticed.

We tracked on our P.O.S. and checked the first couple of weeks last year when the time changed too. Same trend. I think it’s a matter of folks getting home from work, it’s dark, probably cold, usually rainy, “let’s stay in tonight” seems like a great plan. (to them!)

We’re using this time to do some tooth-brush cleaning in our kitchen, we changed up our menus and did the much needed, and put off, pricing adjustments. Just make sure this is productive time, not just a slow period. At least it will seem like you’ve accomplished something.

btw…according to last year’s records…(our first)…next week will be FUN again!

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My theory in my area is all the above reasons, plus it is deer hunting season and day light savings really throws peoples internal clocks all to hell. It almost always bounces back in a week or two! 6 years now.

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Sometimes for us it is the lul before the storm, or it can happen if you just came off of a big week or weekend, then the early part of the next week can suffer.

From now til about mid January are good for us some hopefully it holds true this year and for you as well.

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Re: Why does this week s**k?

Probably just a little holiday lull. Mon - Wed last week were way off and then bam! Things just took off on Thursday and haven’t let up. This is you time of year with big business orders, family get togethers, office Christmas parties (if they are allowed to call them that anyway).

Not bad to feel how you do, however. Keeps you sharp and focussed :wink: